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Cathi: I have been following your blog for quite some time! I love the humor, the great ideas, the creativity and of course the roller skating competition photos! Thank you and please keep those coming! But never have I ever appreciated anything more in a long time than this post! You are among many other things... Human! In all of our daily discoveries, imperfections, hobbies, talents and roles it is so easy to loose sight of the #1 and still have a smile on our face! That connection you are talking about reminds me that the "high" must come from with in before we put ourselves out there to the universe! I don't think that there is a bottle that will fit it... I look at it as a garment we choose to wear... fits us individually just right! I am right there with Yolanda! Thank you for your response. We do live in a gray world. We grasp onto the black and white sometimes for safety! It has been reassuring to see you live in the gray and come out beautiful, happy and looken' just darling in a running skirt and pink shoes! Keep up the good work!
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p.s. ... thank you for reading and responding!
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Cathy! How wonderful it is to remind us #1 How human you are and #2 how you take this human experience and find some joy in your day as well as finding what makes you smile daily! I think that it does have to click! I ma inspired to find that click again! When I was 30...that click was working for me and I felt OHHH so good! Sleeping great, walking 6 miles a day... eating right etc etc! Now I am a single mom and need that click more now than ever! Today is a new day! It is so dangerous when one is at home alone making up yet another excuse not to live fully... not to do the right thing! Hang i there and take it one day at a time! Enjoy today and have a blast tomorrow! Maggie
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Jul 24, 2010