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Sean Carroll
Westfield, NJ
Entrepreneur, coach, professional speaker. My passion is inspiring and coaching others towards significance!
Interests: Singing, professional sports fan, concerts, opera, tech toys, travel, fine dining, fitness
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That is certainly true. Being yourself is the only way to live. I also learned that what other people think of me is really none of my business anyway.
Want to become an overnight success? Keep wanting. The only way to the top is to get off your a$$ and get to work, one day at a time! Continue reading
How much of your life is passing by as you watch TV or surf the internet aimlessly? You'll be shocked at the numbers! Turn off the noise and get to work on your life! Continue reading
"Get Off Your Ass" is a mindset. It means YOU are responsible for creating your own success. Continue reading
Bob...thanks for your kind words. Attitude is everything! Make 2012 your best year ever. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Having an attitude of gratitude will help make 2012 your best year ever! Continue reading
Listening to feedback from others is an important component of personal growth. However, I believe we should have our own standards, and set them high! No matter what others think, we should be true to ourselves and know we're giving everything we've got! Continue reading
Wow Pat! Thanks for sharing this amazing story! That is incredible. There is no instinct more accurate than a mom's instinct for sure! Glad everything turned out ok, and it sounds like you learned a valuable lesson about trusting your gut! Thanks again for commenting.
Thanks for your comment Patrick. Really appreciate you taking time to read my blog. I agree!
When we get that feeling in our gut that is directing us a certain way, isn't it usually correct? Continue reading
Orville, thanks for sharing your experience on this topic. Like you, I used to see December as time to "coast", but now I use it as a great opportunity to set up a strong first quarter for next year. The more intentional we are about how we spend our time, especially during this time of year, the better our results will be in the months ahead. When many other people are just starting to take action in January, we will be experiencing results already.
Joan, that is so true. I always try to show people that by setting these time delays can really add up fast. If we do it at the holidays, and again in the summer, we are basically saying that for 20-30% of the year, we are not going to take action on anything that might be difficult. That is really going to slow one's growth. If there is something I want to improve or change, the time is now! I can stil enjoy the holidays, and get a lot of work done on my life. Thanks for commenting!
Procrastination is an addiction. Often, we will put off a decision or action that is critical to our growth because of some type of fear. By making a decision today that will help us grow, we will achieve our goals much more quickly and easily. Continue reading
Vinay, thanks for your comment. I appreciate the feedback. I like your term "vocal optimist"
Before complaining excessively, or actually typing "FML" in your status, ask yourself if there is someone out there who would gladly trade places with your "problems". I guarantee, you'll get grateful really quickly if you take the time to think about it. Continue reading
By simply looking someone in the eyes and giving them a positive message, you can create a ripple effect that has a tremendous impact on the world. You just never know when someone needs a little emotional "boost" Continue reading
When I was in college, I was often accused of not having an open mind. Believe it or not, I used to be very stubborn, and thought I had all the answers. I used to get irritated when people would tell me that I wasn't open minded, and would give... Continue reading
Joan, thanks as always for commenting. I appreciate your input. I also like a quote from Zig Ziglar "People say motivation doesn't last...but neither does bathing, which is why we recommend it daily!" Be well!
Motivation has many faces. It can simply be defined as a catalyst, which centers around "WHY" we act or don't act. If we are clear about the "why" we will be more likely to achieve the "what". Motivation can come from positive or negative emotional places. Continue reading
"Don't follow the crowd! You don't know where they're going, and neither do they!" -Brian Buffini While my wife and I were on vacation driving from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, we encountered some stopped traffic on I-95, and saw that we were just 10 cars behind what appeared to be... Continue reading
Joshua, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will definitely stay in touch, and yes let's connect if you are ever in the New York City area. I wish you continued success.
Very well said Christian. I am learning that my body is indeed capable of things I never realized. Setting my mind to use it is something I am getting better at each day
Whatever limits we think we have are false. In the right state, we are capable of things which we previously thought were impossible. Continue reading