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Hmmm, I can see that. Its like toast Rorschach.
Dear people who see images of me in their food, This will be a brief letter because I have a 11pm appearance in a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie at a diner down the Shore. Psych! Okay, seriously, folks. Can we talk? Because if I didn't know absolutely everything and couldn't discern every single thought that goes through the mind of every single person ever created at every nanosecond of every day of every year of all eternity, I would be mystified. Are we not clear that I said the next time I came back would be on the clouds of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2012 at Earth Mother just means I'm dusty
Thats exactly what I thought, Anna! Lets get these stroopwafels and start our own restaurant! Well be rich, rich, I tell you!
I KNEW IT! I knew it was their fault and not mine. Thanks for the absolution, Liz.
Ill admit, Jenners, that I kind of anticipated at least one Dane with no sense of humor to attack. So far, so good.
Hahaha! Im laughing, but really, thats pretty scary.
I grew up in Illinois and my mother lives in Indiana, so I can tell you that yes, they are the same place.
The blond countries. Yes. Dont even get me started on Sweden.
So if you recall, the last time we spoke, I was lambasting all of you for not making me aware of the sweet existence of Daelman's Caramel Wafers, The Original Dutch Coffee Topper. Particularly my DUTCH friend, Charlotte, who says she loves me, but has yet to demonstrate that love with gifts of DUTCH food. Mere moments (okay, two days) after my diatribe, I received this in my inbox: My dear Dusty, Sorry to disappoint you, but I am 100%, first-generation, can trace my pure-blooded ancestry almost back to the Vikings, DANISH. Land of Hans Christian Anderson, Victor Borge, and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2012 at Earth Mother just means I'm dusty
How about salty black licorice? Has your wooden shoed friend told you about those yet? I personally cant stand the stuff, but its VERY Dutch.Have a lovely day my friendFrom: Shari Simpson-Cabelin [] Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 8:50 AM To:; Nancy Davis Kho Subject: Re: [Earth Mother just means Im dusty] Nancy Davis Kho submitted a comment to Ill never forgive youTHE NANCY DAVIS KHO! I AM SHOCKED AND WOUNDED BY THIS! The next time we see each other, you must bring me a box of stroopwafels as a peace offering.
THE NANCY DAVIS KHO! I AM SHOCKED AND WOUNDED BY THIS! The next time we see each other, you must bring me a box of stroopwafels as a peace offering.
Im actually going to pretend that this is true, Heather; at least until November when the Truth Is Revealed.
Right, Nancy?
Ah, good idea, Jenners! I never thought about advance purchasing.
Definitely meant to be injected, A.
Thank you in advance.
That is an awesome pro tip, Jeni. I will have one frozen and one over my coffee. In November. *sob*
Thanks, Jeanie. Now Im really in pain. :-)
Any of you. Why has no one ever told me about these?! You all knew such a glorious delicacy existed and you didn't tell me?! Especially you, Charlotte Detrick. You're Dutch, for heaven's sake. You say you love me, but Praatjes vullen geen gaatjes, babe. Yeah, that's right, actions speak louder than words. The ultimate indignity was that I had to discover the existence of this wondrous wafer at BJ's. That airplane hangar of foodstuffs . One aisle over from the fake Oriental rugs and the Life Gear Wings of Life Safety Preparedness Backpack. That is just. so. wrong. people.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2012 at Earth Mother just means I'm dusty
Well done, Hillary!
Yes, people have been telling me that since she was born. Came out a Pistol and stayed a Pistol. Help me, Amanda.
Wish you could be with us. xxxooo
This is SO worth your two minutes. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny, and not only is my dear friend and internet comedy sensation Mark Malkoff doing the interviewing for PR News, but... my kids are in it. See if you can spot them. (hint: The Pistol is true to form). And come on over and visit me on The Mouthy Housewives today! I'm dispensing wise advice about loyalty and friendship. Oh, and 80's movies. Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2012 at Earth Mother just means I'm dusty
Guess what, Linda? Youre in! You were the first to answer the wildly difficult trivia question :-) and you apparently live close enough to take advantage of this. Woo hoo! Will email you separately to give you all the info. Congrats and we finally get to meet!
Oh, Heather. I think I love you. Anyone who calls Fate dude gets high marks in my book.