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Port-au-Prince, Haiti
The O'Kelley family is now based in Haiti where we are walking one day at a time by the grace of God.
Interests: Our boys back in the states, People and their stories, Music in all of its varied glory, Who Jesus is and how to be about His kind of living.
Recent Activity
Across the street is a little boy trying to learn how to skateboard. He gets on it, flips the back end and when he can't master the trick, kicks the skateboard across the driveway, every time. That skateboard won't do what he envisions it should. I think words might fail... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2012 at GreenGate
So, after my last post, perhaps some of you are worried about us. I tend to pretty fully inhabit my current emotion and a blog is just a snapshot, so I'd better update. After what seemed like a plethora of ceremony, we left Haiti and arrived in Tucker GA June... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2012 at GreenGate
We are leaving Haiti. Three weeks ago, John found out that World Relief is taking a new direction which does not include him. He found out on a Friday afternoon and left the next day for an already planned trip to Atlanta. AR and I spent the next week trying... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2012 at GreenGate
Ha. It is almost time for bed, but I am in the frame of mind to write something in this space. We had visitors last week, Anslee and Chris Delastic, and it was great to think about Haiti through their eyes. Much happened. One of my students had a flashback... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2012 at GreenGate
It is likely that I will close out this little blog space. It has been a great friend during my first two years in Haiti, connected me to people I love and helped me to process day-to-day life here. In any kind of leavetaking, I want to check up on... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2012 at GreenGate
Today was the day that John and I went over with Natasha and Maxo to the "terrain" or bit of property they are purchasing month by month. Today, the second payment was scheduled, and we had some questions before handing over such a big chunk of money. First on the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 15, 2012 at GreenGate
In my British Lit. class, we recently talked about Francis Bacon. I imagine Francis Bacon had an enormously well-developed self-esteem. He wrote all of those essays like "Of Studies" or "Of Truth," "Of Death" and "Of Goodness." He tackled the big things and felt he was the man to do... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2012 at GreenGate
Right now there is some really great music going on outside of the window by my head. It has some fast clapping along with it. One person is singing a line and a whole herd of people are echoing. It makes me want to go over and join in. But... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2012 at GreenGate
It feels like God is on a roll. Sometimes we can't share World Relief business as it is too sensitive, and sometimes we can't share personal victories if it involves others' personal lives, but I have to say, I am amazed at how real God's presence in our lives feels... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2012 at GreenGate
I am home sick today and I wrote a post, just deleted. What is so weird is that I think I knew it wasn't the right post to send out all along. Instead I want to send this out. God is a bedrock of faithfulness. As the song "Pass me... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2012 at GreenGate
World Relief is reflecting on Haiti Two Years after the Earthquake. I thought I would do my own reflecting. Here is the result: Two Years Later I remember arriving in Haiti a few months after the earthquake of January 2010. My first thought was, “I cannot possibly bring my daughter... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2012 at GreenGate
I just spent two hours helping to negotiate a piece of property for Maxo. When I say property, I realize that this might give the wrong impression. I am talking about a cement pad, broken on one end with a crumbling wall in the middle. It is a space smaller... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2011 at GreenGate
Anna's Song Last Wednesday at my school my Bible teacher Mr. Pruitt talked about Anna in the Bible and how she eagerly anticipated her entire life the fullfillment of God's promise that she should see the Messiah before she died. He talked about how she was from the tribe of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2011 at GreenGate
We have three days off, a long weekend. This is the first weekend I have not had piles of papers to grade, articles to write or burdensome plans to design. I am at a complete loss. I think I need a long weekend to figure out what to do with... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2011 at GreenGate
Paige, tell Isabel I may have to grow long hair, braid it and put it in a bun just to be like her!!! She is the coolest. Love you guys, Tina
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2011 on Abs? at GreenGate
Lately, I have been learning about some things that can only be characterized as Really Ugly. If you are reading this post with your kids, you might want to skip this next part. Our househelp told us a story he heard on the radio last weekend. It is so sensational... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at GreenGate
Some things strike me as a little crazy. The fact that there are speed bumps on the roads in Port-au-Prince is one of those. The fact that I teach high school when I could not WAIT to get out is another. High school in Haiti may seem exotic, and in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2011 at GreenGate
I am compelled to write. I find this huge disconnect between the people who made a great impact on me/John as Christians and the current heroes available to my children. When I think about Corrie Ten Boom, Amy Carmichael, David Wilkerson, Faith Gehmann Adams, Thomas a Kempis, or my grandparents,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2011 at GreenGate
Anna and I have two really special friends. They are sisters and we tutor them on Tuesday and Wednesday. The little one is in 2nd grade and on the days we don't tutor her, she jumps on us out of the blue and gives us super big hugs. I might... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2011 at GreenGate
We have started praying with Maxo's family every morning we can before school. Maxo and Natasha, as you may recall, live in a little house a few steps from our back door. We share a yard, garden and life when we can. Our prayer time begins roughly at 6:30am. We... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2011 at GreenGate
I realize that I have a few truly southern ways of saying things. I know they sound strange to the ears of the Haitians I am around, especially Haitian high school students, heck, it sounds strange to the teachers on my hall. Lately, I find myself using the phrase "sweet... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2011 at GreenGate
Here it is, Saturday morning and I just came in from gardening with Maxo. Our style is much different. He takes a hoe and makes big swaths of progress as I'm a weed by weed kind of girl. We have little conversations about his family and he has music going... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2011 at GreenGate
Yesterday was my first time ever parent conference day in Haiti. Teachers arrived at 7am, went to their various stations equipped with metal chairs, wall signs and folders full of Stanford Test Results. In the middle of the room were benches for the parents to wait and snacks and coffee... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2011 at GreenGate
John and I have been known to reinvent ourselves in our long and winding career paths. Some of the jobs we have held at different points along the way: pizza delivery, grant writer, forester, fireman, teacher, repairman, part of a logging crew, ran a water company, case manager for refugees,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2011 at GreenGate
Here it is September 1st and we are smack dab in the middle of a new version of Life As We Know It in Haiti. I am teaching school this year at Quisqueya Christian School (AR's school in Port-au-Prince), both boys are now in college, John is continuing in the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2011 at GreenGate