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I am currently reading this book and it is both fascinating and informative. I highly recommend it. You might find some of this information a bit shocking, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true!
I have great respect for you in regard to Exopolitics, but when it comes to our governmental politics, I am not so sure. It seems most of these Hate Crimes accusations are primarily against Republicans? Why do you hate Republicans? I am really disappointed. You Liberal democrats are all alike. You hate everyone that disagrees with your particular agendas. Forgive me for my rantings, but I am a Christian Conservative Republican and I had to get this off my chest. Now that I revealed this to you, you probably hate me too. I really love your books and have learned so much. This Universe is teeming with so much life and the majority of the people of Earth can't even grasp this concept of life in our Universe!! I wish you well and would love to hear from you! is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 23, 2010