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Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat. I was just going through my mail, after an absence of (4)months from collecting ANY correspondence (I dropped everything to tend to a family crisis). Anyway, I thought I was communicating successfully with my mortgage holder, but among the mail, that was held by the post office, was a letter from the aforementioned law firm, regarding my mortgage. I was on a 6 month forbearance program. Surprisingly, upon closure, I was expected to come up with a balloon payment of 13K before resuming a $2200/mo interest only monthly payment @ 5.375%??? I need help, not crucifixion! I have attempted contacting them (phone tag) but have not had the opportunity to speak with anyone anyone anyone ferris bueller ferris bueller bueller anyone... SMBvS Old Lyme, CT
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Aug 25, 2010