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The operative phrase (in §2): "...private enterprise has failed..." Although of course the public sector faces the punishment for said failure.
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Examples of childish insults include 'Turd World,' 'Democrat' used as an adjective, and 'anchor baby.' On the issues, what Joshua Norman appears to stand for is the perennially widespread mixture of populism and nationalism sometimes referred to (perhaps childishly and insultingly) as 'America Firstism.' While it addresses genuine and legitimate concerns about the corrosive effect of hypercompetition on society, its policy prescriptions seem to me to be more about singling out scapegoats than about dealing with the root causes of diminishing economic security expectations. I don't think America has much potential as a gated community among nations. We will stand or fall along with humanity as a whole. An injustice anywhere will inevitably become injustice everywhere. With that understanding, I think the quality of life prospects for Americans will be bleak until the global south (as far as I know a less insulting formulation for 'third world' or 'developing world') adopts human rights and labor rights norms at least as ambitious as those of the United States and western Europe. I'm also very skeptical of the 'globalist' position that these human rights norms must wait in line behind economic growth, let alone will reliably result from economic growth. China and Singapore both stand as proof that capitalism can exist quite independently of democracy.
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Aug 29, 2010