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The retail stores don't want to see us coming...
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Hey friends! As a single parent of two great kids, I'm constantly searching for ways to save money with the family budget. I don't know about you, but I get really sick and tired of the retail stores trying to over-hype us with their marketing jazz, as well as trying... Continue reading
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MyShoppingGenie Breaks Into Top 3 on Alexa Worldwide By: Doug Bauknight – Internet Marketer/Freelance Writer When the Direct Sales report on Alexa was published in MyNetNews in September – past experience had shown this might be a hot topic. We can verify, rankings are still a key point of interest... Continue reading
I can't wait to go holiday shopping............. Continue reading
Now is the time to start your holiday shopping. The first thing you should do is make a list. Get out to the stores and check-out the deals. Take notes and write down the prices. Next, do a search for those same products with the My Shopping Genie. Sometimes you... Continue reading
I often get asked, is the Genie safe to download? As taken from the My Shopping Genie corporate website: 'The MyShoppingGenie shopping and search App does not collect, save or transmit any information about you, your computer, your search habits, your email address, your Internet connection or anything else. We... Continue reading
It's funny. I've been surfing the internet reading all of the coupon sites. The last site I visited, gave their readers a list of about 300 different manufacturers to look at. They advised their followers to visit all of the manufacturers websites to get the best and hottest coupons. Maybe... Continue reading
What could be better than getting a completely free shopping gift right before the holidays. Our shopping gift will save you hundreds of dollars. Check out the videos on our blog. We were recently featured on CNN. Our gift to you is completely free. Just visit our facebook page, and... Continue reading
We're looking for interested female guest authors. This is a non-paid position. If you want to have some fun writing blog articles, please let me know. Articles need to be about shopping, coupons, bargins, holiday experiences, or just life in general stuff. Thanks. Continue reading
With the holiday shopping season approaching in a couple of months, many of the news channels are reviewing ways to save money. The use of credit cards is always a big topic. How do we buy all of our presents, without going in massive debt? Recently, a CBS channel did... Continue reading
The My Shopping Genie is an innovative online shopping tool that instantly finds the best price on millions of products. The Genie will save the average family anywhere from $200 - $400 every month. full story Continue reading
Retailers have been reporting all summer long how they are gearing up their retail space to become Wi-Fi ready for the 2010 holiday season. Customers can use their phone or laptop inside the mall to check-out pricing and product information. With the My Shopping Genie, you can do a product... Continue reading
Sometimes the "experience" of going shopping is just as important as finding the right deals. Thousands of people each weekend flood their local shopping mall to simply wonder around and take in the sights. This fellow really enjoys walking the sidewalks on a nice day.... Continue reading
I've never had this kind of experience while at the grocery store. Buying fruit takes on a whole new meaning....... Continue reading
Ok....who spends more money? Women or Men? The Today Show recently had a piece debating this very question (see video below). I think for the sake of staying out of trouble, I had better keep my mouth shut on this one. However I will say that using the Genie, will... Continue reading
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular with the retail customer. Consumer Reports discusses that going to the national retail store, may not be the best deal (see video below). Consumers are spending more time online, checking out prices and evaluating where to shop. This is a perfect fit... Continue reading
My Shopping Genie is an innovative online shopping tool that instantly finds you the best price on millions of different products. How does it work? Normally, when you do a google or yahoo search, you end up with 10, 20, 30 pages of search results. The Genie sits on top... Continue reading
Kohl's and Toys R Us are planning on hiring thousands of extra workers for the holiday season. The Chicago Business Today (see video below), is expecting a brighter retail season in 2010, as compared to the previsous three years. Stores are looking to market themselves online more than ever before.... Continue reading
Holiday shopping for men can be a very difficult ordeal. Below are some rules to follow that will make life much easier: 1. If you must go to a shopping mall, put your list together at home. Next, determine where in the mall you need to go. Find a parking... Continue reading
The Associated Press is reporting that video sales in September 2010 dropped by 8% see story. Market researchers are speculating that Halo was one of the main reasons behind the drop. Other manufacturers did not want to compete against the popular game. You can get some great deals on video... Continue reading
I was recently listening to ESPN Radio, and the conversation came up about the new Old Spice commercial. Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to look it up on Youtube. Maybe I should put a survey out on the blog, asking followers to vote on whether or... Continue reading
Today, I would like to talk about the upcoming holiday season. What are some good strategies that we should use to make sure we get the best deals. Here's a list of some ideas: 1. Put together a budget. Figure out how many presents you need to purchase and how... Continue reading
With unemployment floating around 10%, one really needs to start wondering how retailers will do this upcoming holiday season. With holiday sales representing around 50% of retailer's sales for the year, I can only imagine this to be a very stressful time for the big box stores and retailers. The... Continue reading
If you don't think the big box stores are doing everything they can to increase profits, think again. An interesting article in Yahoo News today, (, talks about the increased pressure store management is under to increase the bottom line. Massive research is done to get the consumer to spend... Continue reading