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Great post, Richard! Last year when I wrote my article: Frustration-Free Packaging: A Good Thing there were 16 toys... now it looks like there are 13 - Hope this article and the NYT's article help the numbers to grow.
Great post Richard! Having worked at Mattel in Infant & Preschool design, I know first hand that their product safety department is state of the art. And, as a mom of three kids, my children have been injured on products in the most amazing ways. That's my 2 cents. Guess what bothers me is that those small bouncy balls are still being made and given out at dentist offices, in party bags, etc. Do you know how many kids of all ages have swallowed those balls and died? For 19 years, I have been throwing them out sick to my stomach. (Sorry, got on a roll there.) is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 30, 2010