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As an architect you should not be laughing at people's response to architectural design, but listening to it. Unless you are an arrogant, elitist, insensitive architect. Buildings have contexts, and they are to be read in context. The undeniable context of the Cordoba Center includes the history of 9/11, widespread public objection to the building's chosen location, and growing general mistrust towards Islam in the US and other western countries. Against this background of suspicion and affront, the design the public is presented with turns out to be an jarring, esoteric study in architecture's least friendly syntax of chaos and abstraction. As if to ensure even more controversy, symbols which are sure to evoke questions are spattered generously throughout, in dumb disregard of what people might read into them. So out of context - as an office building in Dallas, say - this may be an interesting exercise in ultra-trendy abstraction. But read in context, the building appears as nothing less than another glaring instance of the insensitivity, elitism, and arrogance which we've come to associate with the project, with Imam Rauf's behavior and record, and to a large degree with Islam at large. I am also an architect - but one who actually believes that a building aimed at the public should take the public into account.
We are being lectured about bigotry and tolerance by a poster who chooses to name himself, of all names, "Shahid". He demands victim status, and demands of us to ignore the simple fact that almost %100 of terror attacks in the world have pious Muslims behind them, as well as the entire corpus of Islamic law. He would also have us redefine the very word "terror" with the apparent intention to shift the blame for Islamic violence to its victims. Shahid is whining in face of our hospitality because he assumes we owe him and his malevolent culture some imaginary historical debt. This may be music to some ultra-liberal ears, but the common-sense American is seeing through the lie. Muslim immigrants: you may still have time to present us with some acceptable form of Westernized moderate Islam which the world has not seen until now. You'd better get to work fast, because every other attempt to instill your culture here intact will force the west's hand and will end in tears. As for Mr. Shahid, what can I wish him but a swift transition.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2010 on The Door Closes ..... for now at Atlas Shrugs
Everyone here has read at least highlights of your "holy" book as well as selected Hadiths, and authorized Islamic commentary. A "slap by the truth" describes the feeling nicely of one's first genuine taste of Quranic racism, supremacism, oppression, and barbarity. You might add "kick in the gut", "knife in the back", and "knee in the groin".
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Oct 1, 2010