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Michelle, it was so great to read through your journey leading up to Boston and so devastating to watch in horror the tragedy that unfolded on that day. We've been so caught up in the aftermath that this post was so refreshing as it let us remember that this day was about the culmination of a journey and of personal growth. Having far less marathons under my belt than you I can still relate to all your emotions, reactions and memories from the day. I've been anxious, jittery, excited, inspired, exhausted and jubilent all in a day as I wove myself through my given "big races." It's simply amazing each and every time. It reminds me why we push hard when we train - so we make race day our victory lap as you pointed out. So thanks for taking the time to chronicle your experience. I love the familiar moments you described as well as those about Boston specifically that I'm not sure I'll ever experience as a runner. If I do there's no question that 2014 and beyond will be different in so many ways. including being even more emotionally powerful as it will become an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the running community and most certainly Boston and it's people.
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Oct 28, 2010