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Come on people, this car is very impressive. There is nothing like that on the market right now among gasoline ICE cars. The Goracle says his 30 yrs old Rabbit does better by 10 mpg. What a bunch of baloney ! That's impossible. No Rabbit back then was rated that highly. Other people write about 2011 Sonata. Well yes, the Sonata is also a very impressive car with a highly impressive mileage. BUT the Sonata is rated only at 35 mpg (please check the Hyundai web site), whereas the Cruze is rated at 42 mpgs. Although it is really difficult to compare the Cruze to Sonata as Sonata is a bigger and more expensive car. Seems like GM is moving towards the head of the pack of the leaders if it comes to gas efficiency. They have the Equinox (an absolute leader among SUVs), now they have the Cruze. They also seem very well positioned in the market if it comes to the dissemination of the DI technology which is bringing all of these awesome results. I think GM bashing ought to stop. The company made mistakes in the past, but is doing its absolute best to go past it and towards a very strong future. And let's do not forget, a part of the GM problems was not even the company itself but the unrealistic demands and expectations of the unions. is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 11, 2010