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I've read Hook & Jill. Love it. It's one of the only Peter Pan books out there worth its salt. Ms. Jones mentions the others. While I can see how one could be put off by the idea of an adult spin on it, it's far from a retelling with simply that bent. [It's not even a retelling, for it doesn't include the coming of Pan to the window, as RainyDayRamblings points out. It veers off later in the action.] Ms. Jones has an excellent command of Barrie's characters and themes and such. She just focuses on it all from a different angle. She may sail off, but she stays anchored in Barrie. As for those "confusing parts" - I believe I know a scene or two where she doesn't spoon feed the events. With good reason. They're not to be delivered lightly, as they are very poignant turns in the tale. I didn't see them as confusing so much as causing you to pay closer attention, drawing you into the scene further. It's intense, so you're right there with the characters wondering if it's really happening or not. It's marvelous. Sailing in the second book now, am I.
Hmm. Links didn't work:
What's wrong with this is Peter Pan already HAS a backstory! It's called "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" and it's written by his creator, Sir J.M. Barrie. How can they have such disrespect??? Their concept is not new either. Barrie himself thought of Pan's brother... and it's not Hook. His notes have been made into a book: Click! And another great take on Pan is this one: Click! BELIEVE!
These are GREAT! The gold trim and metallic (hook/dagger) are a big wow. 8) Thanks for sharing them! I have to say, though, that the "Starchatchers" series really bothers me... yes, it's a fun adventure on its own... but as a prequel to the Peter Pan story it falls way short. It has a TON of mistakes in it as compared to Barrie's original stories. One has to wonder if Barry/Pearson ever even read them. Besides the fact-checking variety of error, they change entire character traits and personalities... not to mention the VERY REASON Peter Pan doesn't grow up. How can they be so disrespectful of classic literature...let alone a fellow author. There is a book out that's a faithful continuation of Barrie - Click! And this (Click!) book is a great read, too. It's a grand "What if?" game that takes the characters all on a seperate path - but as far as it strays, it doesn't lose sight of the characters or themes and mythology of Barrie, rather it expands on them beautifully. Check 'em out! :D MAN, do I wish I could eat one of those cupcakes... MMMM. BELIEVE!
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Nov 12, 2010