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Oh Laurie, this is my favorite of all of your collections so far!! I just love the vintage look to all of it!! My Mom has always been a secretary of some sort and still is at the age of 76!! This profession has been thrown out the door by modern ways. But I am so proud of my Mom and she loves it!! Thanks for your post. XO Fran.
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Hi Kim thanks for the sunny wishes! I wanted to share a cute story with you. About a week ago I went to Lowe's with my hubby and daughter. I picked up a magazine and when I opened it up, there was your home!! I walked all around with them looking and reading over and over your home! They asked me if I was gonna buy it. I said heck no I can go to her blog! My daughter called me a stalker!! LOL I said not in blogland we are all friends!! Isn't it great to have some where to go and connect with other women!! XOXO Fran.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2010 on Good Morning Sunshine at Daisy Cottage
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That foil is so cool, and thanks for sharing the story with us! You find the neatest stuff! I just LOVE my chatterbox ribbon I got from you!! I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it now, I'll show you a pic soon!! Thanks again!! XO Fran.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2010 on The Unexpected Post at Magpie Ethel
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"Oh Happy Day when..... I am able to go get my autistic son from his group home and go to McDonalds and the park to swing and walk! It makes everything else worth doing! I am able to craft and blog and swap and read blogs, etc. with a smile on my face! It also make sme happy to meet new friends from the blogs! Such caring ladies! Congrats on 403 posts! Your fun and excitement of life rocks!! I adore your vintage style and free spirit!" Take care and God bless Fran. XO
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Apr 6, 2010