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north carolina
I am a 40 something single mother of a six year old son.
Interests: my interests varies from day to day. but the one thing i try to do everyday is writing. i love to see a word turn into a sentence and a sentence turn into a paragraph. I hope that this blog will help readers to understand that the act of praying is like having a private conversation with a dear friend. I also love to write and share stories about our brains and subconcious. Especially how eventhough our bodies may be damaged or non functioning, our mind may still be functioning and sharp.
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Another name for prayer is praise. A praise prayer is when you give God thanks for what he has blessed you with, help you through, or for simply waking you uo this morning. The words of a praise-just like the words of a prayer-must be truthful in feeling and meaning.... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2010 at everyday life
What my son taught me. It makes me laugh when while I am teaching my son some life lessons he instead teaches me one. I was a very shy child. Maybe it was due to the fact that, since i was the youngest and was some what sickly-I had seizures... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2010 at everyday life
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May 3, 2010
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May 3, 2010
When I became a parent there were several conversations I dreaded having with my son. The one mother and son talk I was not looking forward to having was the birds and bees talk. Since my son is only six I will not have to worry about that talk for... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2010 at everyday life
Becoming amother at any age is difficult. Becoming a mother at middle age can sometimes add to these difficulties. At age 39, during a visit to my practionner, I discovered that I was a few weeks pregnant with my first child. Eight and a half months later I gave birth... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2010 at everyday life
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Apr 28, 2010