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I would suggest that ViewSonic monitors are typically a bit sub-par when it comes to image quality. Dell's monitors are more widely regarded as being the best bang for the proverbial buck. A U2410 is $500. The U2711 runs $1100, but is closer to a 30" in terms of resolution. Lastly, is it necessary for an SSD that large? I would think a large redundant external storage pool (3TB RAID 5) with a 120GB SSD would be a better balance. This would come out $20 less, with the addition of more storage, redundancy and speed, but the loss of 120GB of SSD.
Mike, You seem to have a great affection for Pentax lenses, new and old. I've mentioned in posts before that I'm extremely fond of my Super Tak, and you noted that you share that affection. (Even though it seems like a bit of an anachronism on a modern SLR.) I didn't realize that it extended more broadly to their line of lenses.
Like nearly everyone else here, not so far off. I went Canon, and didn't quite end up at FF. Lenses are close though. A 50 f/1.4 Takumar squeezed its way into the mix with the 35 and 85. Oddly, I think it gets more use than the other two though. Funny, state-of-the-art AF and I prefer a manual focus lens from 1965...
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May 5, 2010