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Is pretty much what Inside Higher Ed is saying. What they actually said is “virtually no difference” exists in the academic performance between those students that submitted SAT or ACT test scores and those that did not. The study supports what schools that have already gone “test optional” believe –... Continue reading
According to a recent article in The Plain Dealer, a Gallup Poll survey notes that overall opposition to testing on animals is increasing. When surveying a cross-section of 1,000 people young adults had a 23% higher opposition to the practice than they did a year ago. Older folks are still... Continue reading
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are proliferating. MOOCs replace the on-campus lecture experience with an online course delivered by one of the leading professors in their subject. Thus no matter where in the world a student resides, they have access to the top professor in each field. The doomsday scenario... Continue reading
A comics aficionado recently posted an idea for a party game that could make your next ‘ice breaker” event a gag riot. Torsten Adair of Comics Beat created rules for “Comics and Captions” in which single panel comics (those comics using a single frame) without word balloons are separated from... Continue reading
May 4-12 is National Travel and Tourism Week and we focus attention to the important role travel and tourism plays in our economy. Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in America, one of the largest employers in America and is our largest services export industry. From my... Continue reading
A recent Wall Street Journal article profiled Janet Stephens a professional hairdresser that not only developed an interest in the hairstyles of ancient Rome and Greece but has conducted research and put forth such well-thought, and tested, propositions that may almost single-handedly alter a basic premise of historic coiffure. As... Continue reading
Since I referenced Travel + Leisure’s most annoying security checkpoints a few weeks ago I thought it would only be fair to balance that out with some tips for easing the security part of your trip. I found this list in The Plain Dealer over a year ago and have... Continue reading
What we find in the academic conference world is that an abstract may be submitted and accepted for a conference but that is about where the conference preparation stops for the attendee until the end of the grading period or until a (usually unrelated) grant application is completed. That’s academia... Continue reading
Travel and Leisure released their list of the Most Annoying Airport Security Checkpoints with some help from their readers. Glancing at the list all the usual suspects are there – the large, busy terminals of New York, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. Each of these airports made the list because of... Continue reading
Mike Mason who blogs for Zentila had a few tips for dealing with attrition penalties. You have a room block of 100 rooms but only 75 rooms get used for your event leaving you with an attrition of 25 rooms; rooms you have agreed to purchase from the hotel even... Continue reading
Much of our recent blog posts have focused on consortiums of growing and active industries. What happens when the flurry of interest subsides? If your academic center houses consortiums or associations that exist in name only why not take a look at their relevance. Perhaps a conference or symposium is... Continue reading
In a previous post we discussed the role academic institutions can play in serving as hubs for a consortium based round an industry. Our example was CE3 based at Ohio University. In many cases the role of serving as such a hub means being at the center of any pro/con... Continue reading
Universities are often used to house active (as well as inactive) consortiums. It is easy to see why since many schools offer an existing structure of office space, phones and mailing addresses. Add to that the relative ease of finding a director or coordinator among the faculty and the supply... Continue reading
Will gun laws influence where academic conferences are held? Students are now permitted by law to carry guns on public campuses in five states. Currently I doubt very much whether local gun laws factor into a decision on attending a conference or not but that may change. It is easy... Continue reading
There has been a notable shift, at least in Northeast Ohio’s public universities, from promoting the number of students they’ve accepted to an increased attention in the GPAs of the students they have accepted. Perhaps it is the reality that poorer performing students are less likely to complete their degree... Continue reading
RALEIGH, N.C. -- For many years the conventional wisdom in the United States has been that the more people who graduate from college, the better off we'll be. It's time to challenge that "wisdom." The evidence says it's wrong. In his first major address early in 2009, President Barack Obama... Continue reading
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Nov 27, 2012
Cleveland State University announced they will be tobacco-free by September 2013. So far the policy applies to anyone on campus which extends to parking lots and sidewalks. It also applies to all university vehicles and in personal vehicles when used to transport anyone on school-related business. However it doesn't appear... Continue reading
The simplest debate or cause of friction can lead to havoc in the right environment. Arguing over a scarce seat is what did it at Comic-Con when two patrons tussled to the point where one stabbed the other in the eye with a pen. View story at Other sources... Continue reading
To avoid potential havoc at your event make sure you don’t create an environment that invites havoc. An environment that is tight or uncomfortable is just that kind of invitation. A room that is too small or one set up with furniture too close together can interfere with a person’s... Continue reading
In July 2010, two Comic-Con attendees tussled over a seat and one stabbed the other’s eye with a pen. Want more details? See While this is the first time something like this happened at Comic-Con (by far the largest comics/graphic fiction/super hero event in the United States), we’re not... Continue reading
Having your planning members agree that your committee should speak with one voice is important. Also important is further agreeing how to convey that one voice. Here are some ideas to help: Encourage members to consider their correspondence as well as the words they choose to clearly delineate the line... Continue reading
Typically we hear of “communication plans” in the context of a crisis. In fact, experts are dedicated solely to assisting with unenviable task of crisis communications when things go wrong. A colleague recently shared an article about a small town’s business improvement district where a member independently distributed a document... Continue reading
Whether it's an open house for clients and prospects, a company planning retreat or a forum to exchange research studies and idea, the real benefit most often comes after the event. Companies need to plan ahead for their post-event activities by knowing what they hope to achieve and having a... Continue reading
Despite your advance work on nametags, there will always be those who have a different preferred name, typed their names incorrectly when registering or lost the tag the first day. Be ready with the tools and a system that can deliver new name tags, new handouts, last-minute signage and even... Continue reading