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"I hate to say this, but Jews..." What did I say about the inevitable coming of the Moral Equivalence Brigades? Doesn't take much to foretell it. "They aren't even permitted to say Christmas. They have to say Kratzmach." No, Orthodox Jews call it Nitl, from "natal," the same word Noel comes from. "They are not even allowed to study Torah Christmas Eve, in order not to give any power to the Other Side." This is a Hasidic belief not universally accepted by all Orthodox Jews. Keep wasting time on those equivalences. Keep thinking one religion that's restricted to a single nation is the same as another religion that applies to, and has a doctrine of forcing itself on, all of humanity. That's really something that's going to stop the march of Islamic imperialism in the West. /sarc
So how we gonna relate to this? We gonna talk about how "Islamic values are incompatible with Western values," at which the Moral Equivalence Brigades storm in and spew a litany of "the West did this, that, ick, blah, glub, Australia, Aborigines, come-uppance, *spurt spurt*" and you get the gist? Or maybe the people under there down in Oz could try something different, like talking about how Muslims residing in Australia at all is a threat to survival? How with the growth of this particular minority you all of a sudden need additional security measures in your once peaceful country. Then you can sidestep all this stupid bantering about clashing values and "past crimes" and all that tu-quoque ping-pong championship and get down to the brass tacks of national survival, which reasons that you can and should stop terrorism by deporting the entire population from which 100% of terrorist attacks originate. Yeah, I know, it's not very politically correct. That's the price you'll have to pay for keeping your nation-state and nation alive.
fern, "Demented Pillock" Yeah, there's something Adam Lanza-ish about this poster. I'm not wasting any more time on it. In related news, Prince Harry just killed a top Taliban commander. It's pride to the tradition of his grandmother, but unfortunately this time the Nazis (Handschar version) are already on Britannia's soil. I've believed from the get-go that GWB was stupid to think dealing with them "over there" would do anything to stop them "over here." But I'm a fine one talk, my country is long overdue in repulsing the Islamic imperialists from its midst, having done a half-assed job of it in 1947 (there is now a 20% minority of seditious Arabs within pre-1967 Israel alone) and totally negligent in 1967 (all the ACJTs—Arab-colonized Jewish territories—of Judea and Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights are still fully populated with Arab settler-colonists). Inadequate leadership, the same story everywhere.
Not surprising to see our resident neo-Nazi Adolf von Hitlermann defend Islamic colonialism... after all, his departed hero was best friends with the genocidal Mufti, then-leader of the Arab colonists in the Land of Israel. As to the topic, all this moral equivalence shows the ineffectiveness of making the case for resistance from ideology instead of survival. As with the Ground Zero Mosque, and as with Israel not cutting off electricity to Gaza even during war, the "moral high ground" is a petard the Marxist/Islamic alliance is only too glad to help the free world hoist itself on. Only when the free nations of the world start treating these matters as national survival being at stake, will the kid gloves be put down and an iron fist will push all those invader-immigrants back to the stone in the desert they pray toward.
Gleaner1, "What makes any you think this situaion is peculiar to the UK?" It isn't. All nation-states under the crosshairs of the Marxist/Islamic alliance are subject to this racket. Israel too, and even indisputably non-white ones like India (ask a Hindutva member if he's allowed by India's leftist media to bring his anti-Muslim views mainstream). "To avoid a charge of being a 'White Supremicist' or Racist, all this kind of thing is regarded as being of equal cultural value by those who should speak while staying silent." Looking at America, nationalists everywhere can now see the fruition of what they had suspected all along: That all attempts to be within the acceptable paradigm of political correctness are insufficient until they reach their logical conclusion of total capitulation to the Marxist/Islamic aggressor. America voted for healing and reconciliation but has gotten racial strife that threatens to dwarf even the 1920s in comparison, with non-white Neo-Nazis like Jamie Foxx saying openly how they relish killing people on account of their race. And you're not even allowed to point out that very real racism. The lesson of these past few years is that, for the sake of national survival, any accusation of "Racism" must garner one and only response by the nationalist: The response of doubling down on the "offense." The R-word is to be taken as a sign that you're on the right track. I'm a Jewish nationalist who wishes the Jewish State to be politically exclusive to the Jewish nation, and I think every other real nation has the same right. Multiculturalism is really nation-mixing, a failed policy of having multiple nations under the same political roof that has brought nothing but bloodshed ever since World War One. Every real nation deserves to have its well-defined protective national space where exclusive political rights for its members will safeguard it from demographic encroachment. Islam is imperialism, Marxism is treason.
Chris Redfield, Get anti-Zionists to the future Jewish High Court of Justice (the Sanhedrin). A Andrews, Anti-Zionism is illegal and is funded by the Islamic oilmasters worldwide, as part of the illegal enterprise of Islamic imperialism.
Well, she's being truthful, isn't she? That's the way they see their own children, and use them in warfare (as the Second Lebanon War and the recent skirmish in Gaza, as well as the daily reality for the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, show). No solution but mass expulsion of the entire population from which 100% of terrorists emanate.
Every piece of news from Nigeria reminds me of what was going on in British Palestine prior to 1947. Give it a little time and the rotten world will believe the Nigerian Christians to be the aggressors for kicking the Muslims out of their land (which they'll do sooner or later when they've had enough, just like the Jews in the Land of Israel did in 1947; it's inevitable, the Muslims just beg for it with their savagery).
Emended: Arab colonist breaches Gaza fence, attacks Jewish woman November 26, 2012, 9:24 PM The woman was alone with her four children at home in Moshav Sdeh Avraham close to the Gaza border, when an Arab colonist cut through the border fence and tried to knife her. She fought back and put him to flight. The IDF promised to investigate the incident. DEBKAfile reports that the Arab colonist, believed to be from the illegal Arab settlement of Khan Younes, was enabled to cut through the fence by the easing of Israeli restrictions on Arab colonist movements up to Israel's border with the Islamic Terrorist Entity in Gaza in the wake of the Nov. 21 ceasefire. Military sources say that the new rules are a recipe for more terrorist attacks and attempts to kidnap Jewish soldiers. --------- Expel the Arab colonists! Expel them all! All of them, all of them, all of them! Israel Jewish forever! Cleanse the Land of Israel of the Arab imperialist land-thieves entire!
"...the 16th, 17th and 18th child in gaza has just been killed..." Because Hamas put them in the line of fire precisely so that useful idiots like you would blame Israel. Here in Israel we put out women and children in shelters. For the Muslims, however, human life is a cheap coin to pay for propaganda gains. "go back to the '67 borders..." Seen it, been there, done that in August 2005. Got the Kassam rocket shrapnel on Sderot as the T-shirt. "...if israel still gets hit by hamas, the muslim world will no longer support them..." Astounding naivete. Even more amazing, that people so stupid as you still know how to breathe. Mass expulsion of all Arabs out of the entire Land of Israel is the only long-term solution. Emptying the land of the entire population from which 100% of terrorism emanates is the only way to go, and above all, it's what the Torah enjoins (Numbers 33:50–53). Yes, I'm that politically incorrect and that unable to care less what the world thinks.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2012 on You try living like this at Atlas Shrugs
ILily, "...why the f*** should any one help fr***in Israel..." You shouldn't. That's not the issue. The issue is why anyone should side with Israel's enemies. Siding with Israel is excellent. Being neutral on this conflict, the way most of the world is neutral about the conflict in Sri Lanka, is absolutely fine. It's the fact that too many people in the world have this habit of standing on the judgment seat, putting Israel on the dock, justifying the Islamic imperialist aggressors, that changes the whole game. Anti-Zionists, you will pay.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2012 on You try living like this at Atlas Shrugs
Towsif.siddiquee, The argument I gave above is nothing but a courtesy. Since you don't deserve it, I'll give you the hard sell instead: This conflict is none of your business. Israel is not under trial, and does not have to justify itself or any of its actions to the world. Kindly unpoke your nose from other people's affairs. As for the truth of the Torah, one day you will believe. If not now then one day you will. Everybody will. That's a promise.
Towsif.siddiquee, All Arab population centers in the Land of Israel are illegal colonial settlements and will have to be evacuated for the sake of just and viable peace. Arabs have no legitimate claim to the Land of Israel and are colonial settlers and imperialist aggressors wishing to steal the land from its only legitimate owners, the Jews. No justice, no peace! And the U.N.'s say on this is irrelevant. International "law" is a suicide pact that guarantees Islamic imperialist victory over all free peoples. Any nation that values its freedom will ignore the illegitimate U.N. and its immoral laws.
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