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Let this be a lesson to you,and everybody else to be really specific,and consistent about every comment you post,even if you because there are flakes out there,reading every careless comment posted in haste,and will try to trip you up,or in this case,try to snare someone else in a trap created by a very sick mind. It's no wonder so many of these antivax parents have autistic children.The stuff they dream up,like this,is obviously the product of a very sick mind.There are syndromes like 22q11.2 deletion,where the parent can have a condition like schizophrenia,and the child can have both immune problems,and autism. These parents started out frustrated that no doctor was competent or smart enough to find out what was wrong with their very sick children.So they bought into the antivax woo,eventually becoming so hardcore,that they dismissed all of the advances in the last ten years, linking autism,regression,and immune disease,with any number of genetic syndromes,22q11.2, which it looks like I have,is only one. Handley and the rest at AoA are too far gone to listen to science or reason.The scary thing is,they have raised a generation of kids who are as,or more whacked out as they are.
I guess that's where DC got the title from. These things are next to impossible to sel these days,just like old pulps.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on Penny Dreadfuls! at I Speak of Dreams
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May 16, 2010