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Kyle, we have our share of idiots north of the border, no disputing that. Professional vandals, in fact. They break windows miles from the arena, so they're not just overly enthused fans spilling out of the Bell Centre and taking things too far. The people I met at the Wachovia – ushers, media support staff, security, etc. – were all wonderfully helpful. They couldn't do enough to provide assistance. Maybe I went a step too far tweeting about the goonery on the scoreboard; that's done in Boston, too. But at the end of a long, tiring trip, and after hearing story after story about colleagues enduring needless crap, I spoke up on Twitter. If that makes me a tool (thanks, Beth) or worse in the eyes of some, it's no big deal. Hoping for a good Game 3 with a civilized crowd that brings passion to the rink and welcomes those fans in Flyers jerseys in the spirit of sport. Cheers to all.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on A New Reason to Hate Canada at Crossing Broad
Guys, I'm flattered if you think I'm a reason to hate an entire country. And I've never seen my mugshot that big ever. It's frightening, that big. I am all for fans showing great passion for their team. I do have a problem when working journalists trying to do their jobs are harrassed and physically accosted simply because they draw their paycheques (sorry, paychecks!) from the city of the visiting team. This is sports. It's not life and death. Can't everyone behave like it? ~ Dave Stubbs, Montreal Gazette; habsinsideout1 on Twitter
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on A New Reason to Hate Canada at Crossing Broad
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May 19, 2010