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I have some problems with the fine tuning argument and also with the question of odds/ probabilities/ chances used as a "proof" for an inteligent designer. As I understand it (correct me if wrong), the universe is always evolving and while it continues to expand the resulting environments in our galaxy will be completly hostile to life as we know it today. The "fine tuning" is presented as a clever deffinitive outcome of a smart "guy" that allows for our form of life to exist, but in fact our current-moment biased view is only one picture of infinite temporal steps in a changing universe. We could not have existed here before our time and will pretty likely disapear at the next supernova explosion of the sun. If the universe was "designed", then apparently only to host our life form for a short span of time. That's inteligent? The radio is "fine tuned" now, but travelling in time we are progressing to other stations where our music will not be played and the coming cosmic noise can be heard today through radio-Hubble. As to the odds: Just look at each current unique existence of every single one of the 6,5 billion persons running around: Every one's biography is the result of generations and generations of adding up of (im)probabilities, that when multiplied each in retrospective would be, i dare to affirm, less probable than the current "fine tuned" state universe. For instance: had my grand grand grand grand father not offered that apple to his future wife that rainy day of 1823, and had he not chosen the only wormless fruit of the whole tree, and had he not left his house 1/2 hour later than normal because he was listening to his siter, who surprisingly did not die of influenza a year before, playing the piano, then I wouldn't be here. And so on with infinite scenarios. Like with the fine tuned universe, I would need to conclude that this designer is acting in every microseceond in the lifes of every single person to lead to a pre-determined fate. My existence then as a fact is so absurdly improbable that I should not even dare to affirm I exist without the grace of the all fate watch-maker that had everything tuned to have me writing here today (denying of him). But the fact that the chances of something happening are absurdly improbable, does not exclude that event from taking place. My chances of winning the lottery saturday are minimal - 1 to 14 million- and to be able to make this statement (minimal possibility)demands that we are capable of accounting for all combinations possible. Are we really able to do that regarding an universe that we barely comprehend? It seems that code of the life- safe-vault was cracked by attempting to go brute-force through all numerical possibilities. The numbers before and after our current 38 left-15 right- 42 left are worthless. BTW. Almost every saturday there is one that has the 6 of 49 correct. Why not me?
Toggle Commented May 31, 2010 on Fine Tuning Arguments at Skeptico
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May 31, 2010