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Diane K. Olson-Nielsen
Ordained, Called Lutheran Minister Distinguished Professor Cultural Studies Composition Studies Poetics Women's Rights
Interests: I am a Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies, Composition Studies and Poetics, and a Lutheran Minister of the Love and Amazing Grace of Jesus and a Strong Advocate of Women's Rights, residing in the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan region of the United States. My interests range from the teaching of writing at the university level to pedagogical reform issues and have taught at three major, well-known universities in the United States in the fields of composition studies, cultural studies and poetics in the United States, including Georgia Tech, State University of New York at Albany and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I am interested in the arts, feminist theory, cultural theory, poetics, web development, and technology. I have been creating and writing blogs for the past fourteen years, since 2004, about the teaching of writing, which I have done for over two decades, and about my Christian/Lutheran faith and God and Jesus, ministering to others through those websites. I have a passion for social justice issues and making the world a more compassionate, loving and just place, especially for those people and children in the world who suffer without the many blessings that we have here in the USA. I have most recently been working with Compassion International to sponsor children living in poverty throughout the world and writing letters to the children sharing the love of Jesus Christ and encouraging them and giving them hope for their future. I would encourage other people to get involved with ministerial organizations such as Compassion which give so much hope and church-based assistance to children living in poverty and who need to know that they are loved and cared for by God, by Jesus and by us. LOVE ALWAYS, DIANE I EDUCATION PhD University of Albany, SUNY, Writing, Teaching University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Cultural
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Naturally-derived healing agents/products for healing the effects of nuclear energy on the body, with care and love for your well-being, Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen & Dr. Jesus C. Nielsen Spirulina capsules, Nature's Sunshine products Chlorella tablets V-8 Juice Knudsen's Vegetable Juice Aloe Vera Liquid Aloe Vera Gel, Nature's Sunshine products... Continue reading
Jesus came to earth as a healer and He heals people who are oppressed, afflicted and hurt -- He did NOT come to "save" the people who hurt His meek and humble and faith-filled peoples and Lutherans. The cross, the name Jesus and healing itself is not even mentioned in... Continue reading
Antidotes to the Corona Virus By a Faith and Nutrition Healer, Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen Chlorophyll Liquid Algae -- Green Algae Aloe Vera Liquid Aloe Vera Gel (topically) Seaweed Products Vitamin E Vitamin E cream (topically) Vitamin C Echinacea Esther-C cream (topically) Chlorella Aloe Vera Juice Arizona Tea Tazo Tea... Continue reading
Faith vs. Belief: A Treatise Forthcoming On Faith in Jesus and The Cross Being So Much Stronger Than Belief, Religion, Science and Myth. Faith, don't you know, is the substance of the universe and the foundation of rationality and the counter-sciences. Much more to come on these subjects and on... Continue reading
Dr. Diane K. Olson, PhD, Post Doctorate, Doctor of Osteopathy and Doctor of Naturopathy 1992 BA, PhD, PostDoctorate (2021), Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, English Department, Composition Studies & Cultural Studies, University Honors Program, Summa Cum Laude. 1993-1994 PhD work at University of Illinois, U -C, Advanced Doctoral Work in... Continue reading
The Oppressive, Universal Law of Technological Progress by Dr. Diane K. Olson, an ethnographic and genealogical study and manuscript about the oppression and suffering that previous generations have experienced due to universal laws saying that technology has to be developed progressively over the ages and since the dawn of the... Continue reading
Unconventional, natural methods to healing the corona virus by a faith healer who has experienced firsthand how to heal the corona virus. Internal natural remedies: Aloe vera juice Chlorophyll liquid in water Chlorophyll gel capsules Silver shield liquid Chlorella tablets Orange juice Peach juice Vitamin C Rosehips Green tea Bananas... Continue reading
IMAGINE THAT, A NATION BUILT ON SACRIFICE, SERVICE, FAITH AND FREEDOM AND NOT behaviorism. Much more to be written on these topics on this post and future posts. Dr. Diane k. Olson and Dr. Jesus Christ(opher) Nielsen Continue reading
When you closely observe the stories, narratives and discourse about the Corona virus that are being circulated online and on television -- particularly on medical, hospital and clinics websites and news websites, you begin to see that these people -- mostly all foreigners who are occupying our hospitals and assuming... Continue reading
The suny albany phd in writing, teaching and criticism adamantly rejects the patronizing rhetoric and practice of "training" composition PhDs who are already passionately "skilled" at the teaching of writing, prose, poetics and cultural theory when they enter the program. Continue reading
Fyi in 1987, when I was 17 years old, I was a representative to the UN in des moines, iowa. There was a un building next to the Capitol that we attended. This past summer, in August of 2020, I was called to testify to what happened in northern iowa... Continue reading
True poetry and prose have feelings to them -- texts and textual analysis commonly do not. And this whole thing with "rigor" -- which comes linguistically from the same root as "rigid" -- is that it, too, is antithetical to feelings, as well, and actually tries to control feelings and... Continue reading
Please do a google search for the college english article "Too little care ..." by Dr Kurt Spellmeyer of Rutgers university. The article is located on the Rutgers site as a pdf file. I have had my own copy since the 1990's. Yes, there has been too little care and... Continue reading
Please do a google search for the college english article "Too little care ..." by Dr Kurt Spellmeyer of Rutgers university. The article is located on the Rutgers site as a pdf file. I have had my own copy since the 1990's. Yes, there has been too little care and... Continue reading
Posts are temporarily abbreviated because I only have a cellphone to post on. I hope to be back to my computer and journal -- where I have at least a dozen more posts planned -- within the month, if not sooner. Would you believe that I went a year and... Continue reading
Poetics is the discourse of the marginalized and oppressed and poetics contests and challenges oppression and marginalization and even colonization. Much more to come on poetics as cultural critique ... dr. Diane k olson Continue reading
What is so obvious is that these people/corps that have abducted me are attempting to use stigmatization -- and harassment -- to silence me as a strong, outspoken intellectual. Sorry, folks, your behavioral health techniques do NOT work that way and I have already studied for many years your attempts... Continue reading
IN 2004, I designed, created and wrote a website called trustmatter taking on us bank's serious fraud of a family member's trust and other trusts of the elderly in this nation. Yet in 2006, when visiting the library at drake university, my alma mater as a BA in english and... Continue reading
I plan on publishing my brainy heart and comp mafia blogs as books in the coming months. I even might publish this blog from as far back as 2011. Sincerely, dr diane k olson Continue reading
Next topic is on harnessing the liberatory power of the internet for our teaching, expressing and communicating in academia. I have been writing online for 27 years and teaching online since 1999 at Georgia Tech so I have massive expertise in the liberatory power of online writing within the university... Continue reading
Dr. Abel - Shakesperean scholar - is my mentor who always advised me to turn these situations into opportunities for critical ethnographic analysis and observation and reporting. She and her spouse Dr Richard Abel founded the cultural studies program at Drake and would be very concerned about me and would... Continue reading
Since 2013 I have been publishing my facebook writings and photos as books through and in 2017 my social book was 500 pages. Pretty amazing. And worth trying out and publishing on amazon and other sites. Dr diane k olson Continue reading
Wow, cold transnationalists you actually think you can reduce composition theory to a certificate at the most radical and transformative PhD in composition studies/theory/pedagogy in the nation at suny albany. And you actually ask applicants for that certificate to certify that they are not felons on your certificate web page.... Continue reading