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I've been trying to figure out why Bernie is running. I mean, he doesn't act like a guy who wants to win and work his butt off for 4-8 years. And there's calling Biden corrupt and then a groveling apology. Is he looking to stay relevant so he can write another best-selling book?
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So this is great. I was on invited to attend a business talk about social media and marketing by a local group and the talk is being given by a local business and their most recent Instagram post is recommending the Epoch Times. I almost fell over as this is the Socialist Republic of Ithaca.
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From a Powerline comment: n the federal government, the fiscal year (fy) runs from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. On October 1, 2016, the 2017 fy began. It was still fy 2017 on January 20, 2017, when Trump was inaugurated. Between the 2026 election and the 2017 inauguration, the Obama administration spent nearly the entire fy 2017 National Security Council budget, thereby preventing Trump from being able to bring his own people aboard, at least until November 2017. This is from a federal employee and it explains a lot about why Trump was essentially hamstrung with his landing parties.
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And what I say is "Don't try to have me make your point. If you want to say something, just say it" but really I want to punch them (well, always someone female) in the face. At that point I always find myself smirking, which is a hallmark of white privilege.
Oddly enough, I don't know all that many people who aren't liberal. I must admit, it does give me a headache, because if you make one error, you are guaranteed that whoever it is will ignore absolutely everything else you have said. I am in the same boat. And frequently hear exactly what JohnS said above about "doing the right thing." I have found that it is far more successful to reframe the argument. For example, one morning at a breakfast with a small group of women they started going on about racism and our obligation to check our privilege. So I said, "I agree with you about institutional racism and you know where I see it the most? In public education. Summer vacation is racist - minority kids and disadvantaged kids lose the most ground over summer vacation, and yet, even though studies have proven this again and again, we still have summer vacation because privileged white people like ourselves want our kids to have what we had." It's funny. You see lots of nodding and agreement which tails off as they realize that you are calling them out and they can't argue against it. Of course, you can stupidly offer them a lifeline, as I did in that conversation by mentioning that Obama lied about Obamacare, which they jumped all over ending the argument. Five on one is never good odds.
I never heard anyone of either side bring up that Buttigeg was gay, and I was pretty thrilled with that. IMO it shouldn't matter. Posted by: Jane | January 21, 2020 at 12:57 PM Sadly, I've only heard about it from my liberal friends who bring it up all the time convinced that the center right to far right would never vote for a gay man. Most of my conservative acquaintances are like, what city is the guy the mayor of?
Our district is large - 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school, and an alternative ms/hs (started in the 70's and thus far grandfathered in, though many in the district would opt to defund). Teacher positions are the lowest paid in the area, due to the high number of aides/adults required by the teachers' union in the classroom. Surrounding districts opt for paying teachers more with less assistance in the classroom. CH, I would like to see districts have more autonomy, but here in NY we are held hostage by Albany's regulations and mandates, which are designed more for NYC and environs than upstate needs. While it is the excuse our school board makes every time they make an unpopular decision, it is a great deal of our administrative costs in running the district. I don't foresee that changing any time soon. Interestingly, last year, a grassroots effort forced a longtime school board member off the board, replaced by an actual parent with young kids in the district. She has been asking a lot of uncomfortable questions, yet you can already hear her justifying certain expenditures. It's a good lesson in how the swamp turns an outsider into a swamp denizen.
A-Bob, Nobody knows. The principal was very tight-lipped about the whole situation, and someone who is very close to her slipped that detail at a party while everyone was trying to figure out how they pulled it off. It is a big district with 8 elementary schools. This particular family lived outside of the district lines by a half-mile and paid full tuition for their son, so maybe that had something to do with it.
SBW, that is true for a lot of neighborhoods, which makes incompetent teachers all the worse.
Normie moms know that the two well built guys hanging back are taking the dogs as soon as the cameras are turned off. They are also picking up poop. Markle and her team are delusional. And incompetent. If you want to look like a mom who can do the impossible, at least have the baby carrier properly fitted before taking pictures.
Buttigieg would never have gained traction without being gay. When he declared his candidacy, his website HAD NO POLICY POSITIONS listed. None. There was no way for the general public to ascertain where he stood on issues. Think that was an accident? Ha. No. They wanted to make sure the discussion was about him being gay, that the country wasn't ready to elect a gay president. It was to excite the base and keep them on that rather than his positions and his track record. Even moderate democrats, of which I know a few, got that.
That Markle/baby photo shoot is the kind of celebrity bs I hate. Like those two guys wouldn't be helping her with the dogs if the cameras weren't around. There's no way that Meghan can pick up poop, support the baby, and keep the dogs in line at the same time. Her PR person should be fired.
The gig was up when parents were no longer allowed to request particular teachers for their kids in elementary school. We ALL know who the better teachers are. We had a particularly huge ability gap between two teachers when my daughter was in 3rd grade, and one family went so far as to issue financial threats to the district to get their son moved out of the dysfunctional teacher's classroom mid-year. My daughter was in the stellar teacher's class; he was paired with this teacher with the goal of bringing her up to standard, but he said by October it was clear that she would never have the skills. So her class of 24 lost an entire year of education because the district couldn't fire her for incompetency. I use this as an example any time people start complaining that teachers are underpaid.
This is the second of the two part interview with Bannon. Different interviewer, still Frontline.
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That Bannon interview was excellent, MM. Thanks for reposting for those of us who missed it the first time through. I rather like the idea of the WH being run by people proficient in game theory. They react quickly and decisively to rising situations and seem to always take the offensive position. That said, I'm looking forward to the SOTU, which in theory could be a very good summary of what happened during the impeachment trial as it should wrap up just around that time. No doubt Pelosi and Schumer are not happy that the President will have such a large bully pulpit, which I fully expect him to use to his advantage. And who will be sitting with the First Lady?
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That WIP was the best in a long while. I giggled all the way through.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on How Did THIS Make The Times? at JustOneMinute This was a rock solid interview Dave Rubin held with former CIA ops officer Bryan Dean White, who explains beautifully what exactly the Deep State is (good for sharing with friends) and why Comey, Brennan, and Clapper are going down.
It's like deja vu all over again on FB with my lefty acquaintances up in arms about the Warren/Sanders kerfluffle. It's getting ugly. Again. And really, what this signals to me is that Sanders is not a popular guy in the party.
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JimNJ, I'm sorry you're struggling.
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Bubarooni, Your girl sounds amazing. Volleyball is the first time we've seen our girl's mettle tested - she's had to start at the bottom and be the worst player on a team that was not warm and welcoming because she was the only kid from the alternative school playing on the school district team. The club team has been a far more positive experience and the girls much more accepting. Still, she loves it and works her butt off, which is all you can ask of your kid. And yes, I do complain, but at the same time, I love watching her figure things out. We have an adult son too, so I know the time is fleeting. One friend said that she laid out the years on a timeline and every time she felt like kvetching, she would look at the remaining years at home and count her blessings. I know exactly what she means.
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I miss those long gone days awful. Especially those long drives to a tourney where it is just you and your daughter on a long two or three hour drive. Doesn't matter if they ever play after high school. They will learn more in those high school years playing school and club ball, especially how to compete and be ready for the real world, then any other thing you can have them involved. Those club ball fees are heck though. Posted by: bubarooni | January 15, 2020 at 09:50 PM She is 13, on the short side (5'4"), and started a year behind the other girls so she'll be lucky if she gets to play high school ball. Those club fees for the less competitive team might be our reality, which is absolutely fine. She loves the sport and being part of a team, so we'll be going to tournaments until that changes. The funny thing is that a PE class introduced her to the sport and a movie convinced her that she should pursue it. You just never know what clicks. Thanks for the reminder that it's fleeting. We're such homebodies that a weekend away in a gym complex was a little bit of torture. Thank goodness I can knit!
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I'm actually not bothered by Warren's campaign uniform - she's on the road and it simplifies things. It's no nonsense. But, on the debate stage I would expect something more formal and serious for the occasion. That's her misstep. She needs to signal that she understands different occasions require a different wardrobe. Can you imagine her wearing one of those sweaters to meet with world leaders? For heaven's sake.
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I'd be pleased as punch if the Shenandoah Valley switched teams and became a part of WVa. I love that area and would love to move there when we are no longer tied to NY because of work.
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Oh dear, TK. Have you gotten that desensitized to gentle ribbing or am I doing it wrong?
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TK - stop stomping on my optimism! ;-)
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