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Slowly sorting photos from this past weekend.. here are a few on this facebook page. Please "like" the page if you like any of the photos.
could you squeeze me in.. me, myself, and I..
I'm sorry Karin... with over 2,000 pictures. (photos taken by me and Heather).. it takes time.. i'm not a professional, photography is not my profession.. i do have an everyday job (and it has nothing to do with photography. i'm a laborer/blue collar).. photos taken during the honolulu marathon usually takes 2 or more weeks before being posted and they do use a crew of people to do such sorting. i'll do my best to post them as soon as i can.. thank you for your patience Karin.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on 2012 Kaena Point Firecracker Results at HURT Hawaii
never had a chance to do anything with the photos heather and I took.. so i just crammed them into a video.. hope you all enjoy.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on 2012 Kaena Point Firecracker Results at HURT Hawaii
i may have to pass.. too much happening this weekend..:( wish i could have more time to clear out the weekend for this run.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2012 on Around Oahu for George at HURT Hawaii
i missed the last one.. maybe i'll try do this.. unless i could be more useful driving with an ice chest full of ice cold drinks..
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2012 on Around Oahu for George at HURT Hawaii
don't worry makai.. you know this might be just the first draft.. maybe your on the waiting list.
I think people who did the race may enjoy some photos..
boy, the three slots went fast.. i was at the honolulu marathon expo with albert su when the email came out this afternoon.. he used his iphone to check his email and register but it didn't want to accept saying it was full.. and that's in just 15 mins from the email coming out. well i guess he has till the 15th to find out if things change.. yeah? looking forward for january.
i'd like one camo visor.. can't find mine from last year..
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Aug 1, 2010