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StopPests in Housing Program
Cornell University
We improve pest control in affordable housing by teaching everyone who works, lives and plays in housing how to use integrated pest management (IPM).
Interests: Entomology, adult education, pest control, property management, social work, affordable housing, public health, and healthy housing.
Recent Activity
Urban Entomologists and the pest control industry have come a long way in understanding what works and how to prevent massive infestations of bed bugs in multifamily housing. In the early years of the resurgence in the U.S., infestations easily got out of hand because we didn’t have the tools,... Continue reading
A well-defined recordkeeping system is essential for integrated pest management. To establish trends and patterns in pest outbreaks, every step plays an important role starting with pest identification, population size, distribution, recommendations for future prevention, and complete information on the treatment action. A tool that could be utilized to monitor... Continue reading
Understanding integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for cockroach control can help property managers to ensure effective pest management service is provided by their pest control contractor. This blog post describes the essential tools for effective cockroach control in multifamily housing including monitoring, record keeping, and baits. Continue reading
Watch this presentation - - to hear Drs. Gouge, Li, and Nair from Arizona Pest Management Center describe efforts to implement an IPM program in 5 subsidized multiunit properties that house low-income elderly and persons with disabilities. Continue reading
Free webinar, November 14th: Integrated Pest Management—A Simple Solution to Problem Pests in Elderly and Disabled Public Housing. Join us to hear how researchers from University of Arizona significantly reduced units with bed bugs and cockroaches in senior and disabled housing when they implemented an IPM program in these buildings. Learn how you too can apply this method of pest control. Continue reading
You can view the recorded webinar Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents with Dr. Matt Frye here: Housing staff can now view this on-line training to learn about a vital part of any IPM program: exclusion. Keeping pests out of buildings is a priority in effectively addressing any pest infestation but rodents and cockroaches in particular. Continue reading
Yes, "RUOAA", while flipflops make an excellent swatter for many pests, ticks and fleas are not among those that would fall victim to the flip flop swat. I suggest a cup of soapy water and drown them. I have have even had a tick which was washed down the sink later emerge from the drain. Soapy water ensures they will drown in the cup of water and not float on top. Thanks for your comment!
A group of rodenticides that are not well understood and therefore frequently misused are tracking powders. An unfortunate trend observed is the over-reliance, overuse and misuse of tracking powders to address rodent problems. Continue reading
On September 12th at 1:00pm (EDT) Matt Frye will present a free webinar "Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents". Register here: Continue reading
Watch the recording of Rick Cooper's presentation "Turning Failure into Success: Bed Bug Management in Affordable Housing" and learn how bed bugs are successfully controlled with examples of assessment-based management plans. Continue reading
StopPests is offering three free webinars on IPM in affordable housing, covering bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents. See the descriptions and the registration links below. Although housing professionals are the target audience for these presentations, we invite pest management professionals and anyone whose work and life is impacted by pests... Continue reading
Eliminating mice in multifamily housing can be a daunting task, like "bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon" but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools and approach. Listening to Dr. Bobby Corrigan in the StopPests webinar "Tools for Eliminating Mice in Multifamily Housing" can give... Continue reading
StopPests Webinar December 14th, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm (EST) All too often, mouse infestations in multifamily housing complexes persist for many years with histories of sporadic outbreaks followed by temporary quick fixes using glue boards, snap traps and baiting efforts. Unfortunately, these "traditional" efforts tend to merely address a monthly complaint list... Continue reading
I recently had the opportunity to work with acclaimed rodentologist, Dr. Robert Corrigan, and learn about a particular tough type of mouse infestation found in multifamily housing, the “resident” mouse or “appliance” mouse. These are mice that live and breed within individual apartments or residences. Even when building maintenance staff... Continue reading
This post originally appeared in the Stop School Pests: IPM in Schools newsletter posted on January 26th by Janet Hurley at Texas A&M University By Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist III Click here for original article in Stop School Pests: IPM in Schools newsletter Rodent control is a multi-layer process... Continue reading
If you missed the March 2nd StopPests webinar "The ABC's of Pest Control: Allergens, Baits, and Cockroaches" you can now watch the recording at by following the above link. Dr. Coby Schal of North Carolina State shared his research results on effectively managing cockroaches with baits in contrast with... Continue reading
Register Here. Cockroach infestations can get out of hand quickly in multifamily housing. Best practices and treatments can turn things around to help maintain control. StopPests in Housing is hosting a webinar on reducing asthma triggers in housing with effective cockroach control. Join StopPests on March 2nd, 2017, 2:00-3:30 EST,... Continue reading
*this article was first published in Pest Management Professional Magazine and was written by Dr. Mark Sheperdigian. It is published here with permission from the author and publisher. The original article can be found here: Bed-bug-infested furniture: Deface, defile or deconstruct? Too often, infested furniture is merely discarded. Discarded furniture... Continue reading
Do you know anyone who needs bed bug treatment but can't afford it? Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, which started in 2009, is a charitable program sponsored by BedBug Central that offers free bed bug services to those in need who are suffering from bed bug infestations and... Continue reading
The National Pest Management Association and BedBug Central know how difficult bed bugs can be for property managers, which is why together they designed a special one-day Bed Bug Workshop at Global Bed Bug Summit on Dec. 1. The Bed Bug Workshop will provide property managers the best management practices and practical advice on how to deal with widespread outbreaks and legal issues that may arise. Property managers will have the opportunity to learn from the top bed bug experts on topics such as best practices for multi-family housing, legalities of bed bugs and community wide bed bug management. Continue reading
Education is of course the key to prevention of the Zika virus. For those that work in housing our most important messages for prevention are: eliminate standing water, make sure window screens are intact, and use insect repellents. As members of the housing community, we can use the resources compiled in this post to help keep residents, staff and ourselves informed. Continue reading
The Fund for Public Health in New York (FPHNY) on behalf of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced pest management professionals (PMP) to provide integrated pest management (IPM) services throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Selected... Continue reading
Bed Bug Nymph Since the U.S. bed bug resurgence of the 1990's, entomologists have been researching these elusive pests to better understand their behavior and improve control techniques. Despite progress, there is still much we don’t know about bed bug behavior. Entomologists, like Dr. Gail Ridge at the Connecticut Agricultural... Continue reading
Continuing the Asthma Awareness theme this May, I'm reposting pieces of another Allie Taisey blog post on the value of using a vacuum to control cockroaches. There's even a sample newsletter article to use if you would like to share this information with residents (see below). Vacuuming is not only... Continue reading
HUD is hosting a webcast on asthma triggers in housing, sponsored by their Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes. Hear from Coby Schal, Ph.D, Blanton J. Whitmire, Distinguished Professor, Department of Entogology, North Carolina State University on May 10th, 2016, 1:00-2:00pm EDT. Continue reading