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We all woke up at 7AM Saturday morning. Before we went to breakfast we loaded the van with our bags so when we were done with our service project we would just have to load up in the van and we could be on our way. During breakfast we had... Continue reading
When the students and staff members got up for the day they had to make a big decision. They all had to agree on if they would like to go see the mountains or stay back but they had time to think about it because of the plenary. While at... Continue reading
When the students and staff members awoke on this great Thursday morning we headed out to the convention center. Emilee, Austin, and I went to a Generator Schools Network focus group at the convention center that served breakfast while the rest of the students and Deb and Cate had breakfast... Continue reading
After a quick breakfast we loaded up the van and set a course out of Nebraska. After about two hours or so we arrived at Carhenge. Similar to Stonehenge but instead of stones, it was constructed from old cars. Carhenge was a pretty cool sight to see. I can honestly... Continue reading
Watch our Class of 2012 graduate!!! Video from May 31, 2012. Continue reading
Students Hailey, Emily and William in the Top 20 Teens class did a presentation on Fetal Alcohol Synsdrome. Students in this group invited in guest speaker Barb Clark from the MN Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS). Students in the class were required to do a 30-40 minute presentation on... Continue reading
Students Gabe and Ervin's video above, placed 3rd in the MAAP Stars Video Competition. Listen to how these to students, in their words, discuss NWPHS. Thanks for your work Gabe and Ervin!! Continue reading
Did you know? This video, done by student Kelly for the MAAP Stars competition, was awarded FIRST PRIZE!!! Service Learning - meaningful service that strengthens communities. Take a look at some of the work we do at NWPHS. Congrats to Kelly :) Continue reading
Tyler gives us a few informational pieces about his project "The Earth, Life and Our Sun" (see previous blog post). Hoping that you will engage via: * Facebook - * Twitter - * YouTube - * our this blog ;) Continue reading
Tyler (soon to be graduated) shows off his project "The Earth, Life and Our Sun." This project highlights how student work can be authentic and shared with the world. See our next post when Tyler discusses the how/why he built this project. Continue reading
Last week, five students and three staff attended the National Service Learning Conference at the Minneapolis Convention. Granted, it was Spring Break, but these curious souls were up for the adventure. If you want to see what happened at the conference via Twitter, search the hashtag #nslc12 Geoffrey Canada (from... Continue reading
Attention NWPHS Students: attend the National Service Learning Conference held in Minneapolis for free - act now. Here's a great opportunity to interact with other high school students from around the country who are doing things in their community and schools to make a difference in the lives of others.... Continue reading
Check out our new and improved website!!! We have been busy working to update our website and we have the framework up. Let us know what you think and any ideas for content you would like to see. Notice our social media buttons for places to follow us :) Continue reading
Check out a video about "service learning" we do here at NWPHS. Share with friends :) Continue reading
Check out Jason and Josie's presentation on "Expeditions and the Hero's Journey" at the 2012 MAAP Conference. Learn about the three levels of expeditions at NWPHS as well as the benefits of these adventures for students. (the previous post was only viewable in house) Continue reading
check out @MN2020 post regarding Josie and Jason's presentation at last week's MAAP Conference in Rochester regarding our "Expeditions." Post is by @michaeldiedrich Continue reading
Today, students at NWPHS attended a meeting with the MN Association of Charter School (MACS) staff. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare for MACS Lobby Day on 2/29/12. NWPHS students will be in charge of briefing other charter school students how to best connect with their legislators during... Continue reading
Radio Telemetry Students learn how to track wolves outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near Ely, MN. Continue reading
Testing our blogs capability to share to our twitter feed and Facebook page :) Follow us: Twitter: Facebook: Continue reading
Dear Students, Parents, Community Member and Colleagues, For the last twelve years I have had the pleasure of serving youth in Minnesota at Northwest Passage High School, the last seven as Director. In those years I have been part of a committed team of passionate educators providing some of the... Continue reading
The day was bright, our spirits were hopeful, little did they know what was in store. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Continue reading
Last night's graduation was incredible. In the past we have had "featured speakers". Two years ago we went away from that practice and have nominated three graduates to do the talking. Our students delivered a very powerful message. When driving home with two colleagues, we talked about assessment and could... Continue reading