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A few years ago, I started getting a stiffness in my hands. It was almost a weakness. I became unable to grip anything with any significant force no matter how hard I tried. My hands didn't really hurt, but would get sore after gardening. My knuckles would swell. My Dr. suggested trying Glucosamine - saying I could probably ignore the Chondrotin. I didn't notice any change for about a week, but fairly quickly after that, I was able to move my hands normally again and grip things as tightly as ever. A few months later, I'd changed around some medications and unintentionally stopped taking the Glucosamine. Within a week, the old symptoms started to return. I went back on the Glucosamine and the symptoms vanished in a couple days. I honestly don't believe this was all in my head. I suspect that Glucosamine's efficacy may be better for pre-arthritic users. This may be hard to test because many probably don't go to the Dr. until real damage has been done to their joints.
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Sep 8, 2010