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It would be a significant development, if the economics show a clear advantage for LNG over fuel oil for large ships then there could be quite a rapid switch.
Pushing out an update on 24 December sounds like marketing overruling engineering similar to the roll out of the Boeing 787 on 7 / 8 / 2007. It took them years to get over the rushed implementation that came from that artificial deadline
There are some very big claims in the linked press release The technology could have a seismic impact across a number of industries, incuding transport, aerospace, energy regeneration and household applications such as mobile phones, flat screen electronic devices and biosensors. with unfortunately little piratical detail to back them up. I would expect more from some major UK Universities.
I think robot racing could be exciting way of showing the potential of autonomous driving (so long as it is wheel to wheel racing not a time trial) In a way it is a shame the cars they are planning to use are different from formula e, it would be interesting to see how close the robots are to the ability of the human drivers. Personally I don't think virtual racing is at all the same thing or anything like as difficult to achieve as going round a physical race course
These figures are a major achievement for Toyota which other manufacturers should be forced to match. Imagine the lower noise and pollution levels that we would have in our cities if 28% of all new cars not just Toyota ones were hybrid.
The company which built the chargers for the 787 battery (Securaplane) burnt their offices down from a fire caused by a test on the 787 battery setup. It was back in 2006 but you would have thought that Boeing might have thought that the performance advantages from pushing the envelope with this particular technology just wern't worth the risks.
As the ratios of the amount of petrol and diesel that can be extracted from crude oil is fairly fixed, the popularity of diesel cars outside North America is already putting price preasure on diesel. In a way the world needs North America to carry on using lots of petrol and shipping us their unused diesel...
It's a real shame Modec are in trouble. In my part of London there are several companies using their electric vans, including UPS, and they look like they are pretty practical. I disagree with the other posters - I think there is a market for electric only delivery vehicles even if they are range limited. There are plenty of urban applications where the daily range is known and overnight charging is feasible. I guess as with everything else price and reliability also have to be up to scratch.
@Henry Gibson I don't believe Formula 1 cars have starter motors at all, they rely on an external system. So once a race starts the driver has to keep the engine running otherwise it is game over.
It's quite amusing that every house in the UK has one of these already built in. Btw. does anyone know of a country that can provide more power through their domestic wiring than the UK at 240V 13A
I think it is a shame that auto stop/start is an option, rather than provided as standard. I think the time should come soon when it is mandated particularly for diesels as it could make a big contribution to improved local air quality as well as improved efficiency.
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Sep 9, 2010