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er.. comprimises
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You guys are prone to what I refer to as the "Try Harder Fallacy". This line of thinking says that we could have the public option, stronger regulation, cap and trade, comprehensive immigration reform, AND a bigger stimulus that would have saved us all.. if only Obama would "fight" for them. There is a better term explaning why our every dream hasn't been fulfulled, math. The Dems have rightly created a big tent that allows anyone to put a D next to there name if they want to. This is great way to make a majority but is like herding cats when you want to get things done. Add in the 60 vote requirement for any bill in the Senate and things get syrupy slow. Obama is pragmatist that uses up his prez power coupons sparingly, only getting behind what he views as possible. He's a get what you can guy. This may or may not always be the ideal strategy. But to make him out to be a sell-out is to misunderstand the unfortunate comprises of governing.
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Oct 2, 2010