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7 years ago you were the star at the world's first "moblogging" conference in Tokyo. I was there in the audience. I guess the term "moblogging" didn't stick, but of course, everyone blogs by their mobile devices now. We were all totally engaged learning about what you were doing - and I remember you seemed as surprised as anyone at all the attention (in those days you were appearing on CNN and in the newspapers). The other star of that conference was a professor from Keio University who showed us that in the future, we'd be able to point our mobile devices at almost anything, and be able to get information downloaded quickly from various sources. Today, I downloaded the Google Goggles app to my iPhone, which does exactly that. So yes, the world has turned a few times since your beginnings in San Francisco! Good luck on your next adventures.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on New times ahead... at Kokochi
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Oct 7, 2010