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Excellent post and precis of change-ringing for the uninitiated. I wish I had read more before I got involved ringing--might have made the first few weeks easier! I did want to point out a small inaccuracy--the sally or sallie on each rope that is gripped for the handstroke is wool, not wood. It is comprised of tufts of wool fiber woven into the rope--the end result is a soft grip roughly 14 inches long and double or treble the diameter of the rope. I think I've seen the mistake in other sources, but I can't imagine pulling a bell with a wooden grip! From one Sayers fan to another, John Calvin Young beginning ringer at St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford "Here lies the body of SAMUEL SNELL, Who for fifty years rang the Tenor bell. Through changes of this Mortal Race, He laid his Blows and kept his Place. 'Til Death that changes all did come, To Hunt him down and call him Home. His Wheel is Broke, his Rope is Slackt, His Clapper Mute, his Metal Crackt. But when the great call summons him from Ground, He shall be raised up, Tuneable and Sound."
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Nov 14, 2010