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We need to start embracing/celebrating the positives our troubled pasts have produced....US! I may be sensitive to the negative, but that's not all bad when a friends in need of a caring ear or a shoulder to cry on, since i'm usually the first to figure out somethings amiss. Heaven knows i'm independent, responsible, organized- things that make me feel safe and more in control- things that compensate for the chaos of my childhood even now in adulthood .I am considered to be loving sympathetic and understanding. I appreciate these qualities, and consider them strengths-maybe even gifts.I've often wondered how much of the "good me" is because of them or is it in spite of them?! Jen
I don't think I ever felt not normal, just a bit different it was a sense but nothing i could ever put my finger on. I know I'm hyper sensitive to moods and emotions of others not surprisingly they tend to be to the negative, go figure!If you want to know if something is wrong in a room i'm your women, i can feel it. I have some dsythymic characteristics according to my therapist; how that tracks back to my parents or genetics isn't clear. My guess is they drank to self medicate sadness and i just became what i like to call sad sensitive from being in that environment. is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 19, 2010