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Nick Ronin I don't know if you've ever had satellite service. but it's on a rare very rare occassion such as a summer monsoon only do I ever lose reception and that's just for a few minutes. I had my service back faster after the hurricane abated then the people who had cable. Mine was only gone for minutes not days. Took days for the cable companies to restring the cable. Don't know what planet you live on. Perhaps you actually fell for those old cable commercials that claimed exactly what you said.
Just read initally the srvice will be for dish customers only. In time not stated it'll become available to everyone else. sorry I don'tremember where Iread this.
Looks like Netgear reversed engineered the Roku 2.
I personally enjoy many of the movies on Starz and most definitely enjoy the old western tv shows they have. I get Encore Westerns Movie channel on Dishnetwork and prefer watching those shows on Netflix rather than Dish do to that they are in order. Plus in my opinion they look better on Netflix too. I suppose i'll haqve to start watching those titles on dish once Starz ends on Netflix.
Doesn't work for me either on my T-Mobile Comet running versin 2.2 of Android. It starts up and you can pick a title but when it is ready to play and it shows the start button and the time bar the app reboots. This has happened everytime i've tried using it. It was unistalled and reinsalled once.
I happen to enjoy watching the old tv westerns they Starz has been showing on Netflix. I happen to sub to the Starz Encore package on Dishnetwork and have always had access to those shows on tv but have preferred watching them on Netflix for I was watching them in order. Plus in my opinion the shows looked better on Netflix than on Dishnetwork. I'm going to miss loosing Starz. I suppose i'll have to setup timers on my dvr to watch those shows at my convenience. As someone stated maybe they'll come to an agreement by the time the contract is due to expire.
arrowrand you said the follo0wing "Dish is stupid. Their only offers you the option to watch a movie in the browser, you can't stream it to your box to watch on your TV. My brother has Dish and only has to wait a few more weeks to move to D*. Dish absolutely sucks." That isn't true any movie that you can watch on your pc you can download to your dvr to view. It works the same way that yu get your vod on DirecTv. I just downloaded a title to my dvr. So if Dish sucks so does Sire4cTV. is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 19, 2010