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After Mother's death, our Attorney requested the Medical Records. In reading and evaluating these records, we were appalled that the doctors who my brother and the 'manipulator' were switching to, from Mother's regular doctors, NEVER questioned or asked for Mother's daughters phone numbers, to confirm what was going on with... Continue reading
I had contacted several employees with US Bank, from the time that Trustee Meyers 'REFUNDED' the Trust (4/2003). Steve Stroud condoned and defended the Trustee John Meyers, who had 'refunded' Dad's Trust. Pat Grewe confirmed the rules of a Bank Trustee but Steve Stroud was NOT aware of a Trustee's... Continue reading
It was June 7, 2004, at approx. 11:45 a.m., when I received a call that my Mother was in the Hospital, in Intensive Care. I was over 300 miles away, at this time. Since Mother's Grandaughter was back in the area visiting, I called her so she could go and... Continue reading
This Monument was discussed with our Mother, the day that Mable, my sister and I took Mother out. (October 11, 2001). We described it to her, and explained that it would have their 50th Wedding Anniversary picture in the center. She liked that their picture would be on the Stone.... Continue reading
I heard from a neighbor of my parents, that our Mother was in the Hospital, again. My Mother had fallen in the bathroom, and had a Pelvic Fracture. As usual, us, daughters were not notified. When I contacted Dr. Neuman, her Nephrologist, I learned that my brother had switched her... Continue reading
On June 3, 2003, my Sister and I met with US Bank Employee, Pat Grewe, who was V.P. and Wealth Management Consultant, at a US Bank in Lincoln, NE. We explained what had been done, by US Bank Trustee, John Meyers and that we had spoken with Steve Stroud, who... Continue reading
I went to the next step and contacted Bob Webster, (5/8/03), who was over Steve Stroud at US Bank. I was looking for some answers, as to WHY a Trustee of US Bank would take the most valuable Asset out of a Trust? I explained to Bob Webster and faxed... Continue reading
It was not until June 2003, that the grandaughter saw on the Iowa Courts online that this Guardianship was done, February of 2003. We were not notified because the Attorney done a "Petition For Appointment Of Guardian (Voluntary)". That 'voluntary' word was important, so that they did NOT have to... Continue reading
My Sister and I received papers, from RJohn Swanson and Mark Swanson of the Swanson Law Firm, regarding a Hearing for the Land to be removed from our Dad's Trust. This firm said, they were representing my Mother. BUT, it was very obvious that they were representing my brother, who... Continue reading
Since the new Trustee, Meyers, didn't return phone calls, to keep my sister and I informed on our Dad's Trust Accounting, I called the Supervisor over the trustees in Nebraska and Iowa, Steve Stroud of Des Moines. I had visited with him at his office in Des Moines, October 24,... Continue reading
Since my Sister was not able to go to see our Mother at the Hospital, in October, she wanted to see if she would be able to get into the Dialysis Unit to visit Mother. When my Sister arrived, she asked to speak to the Dialysis Nurse, Linda. Then, Nurse... Continue reading
I had a call from a cousin, that my Mother had been admitted to the Bergan Mercy Hospital. (10/28/02) The next day, when the grandaughter got to the Hospital and walked into see her Grandmother, her uncle (our brother) told his Mother, to tell the grandaughter to leave. But instead,... Continue reading
I have underlined and checked beside the 'things' that applied to my Mother, as a Victim and to my brother who was her Caregiver. Psychological / Emotional Abuse is much harder for outsiders to detect. Immediate family, and close friends, who know the victim are able to detect this type... Continue reading
Since my sister and I had a nice visit with Mother on May 10, 2002, I decided to go and visit her at Dialysis, again. This was 10 days later.... I walked in and sat down near her, and when she saw me, she, immediately, began saying, very loudly, that... Continue reading
On Friday, May 10, 2002, my sister and I met in Shenandoah, so we could see our Mother, since we could not go to her house on Sunday, Mother's Day (5/12/02), due to our brother and Atty. Swanson. Contrary to that letter that Atty. Swanson had sent the Trust Atty,... Continue reading
Since the Injunction was removed, I knew that I could go to Dialysis in Shenandoah to see my Mother. On April 5th, I was able to visit with Mother and gave her Titles to a couple of vehicles and explained that she could go to the Court house to get... Continue reading
Our Atty, sent the necessary paper work, to the new Trustee at Firstar Bank. My sister and I met with Trustee, John Meyers, on March 18, 2002. I gave Trustee Meyers all the records, with my Dad's checkbook for the Trust. I explained how my parents each had companion Trusts,... Continue reading
This was a very difficult day, to see my Mother being brought into a Court room and of course, my brother and Atty Swanson, were sitting on each side of her. With our Attorney, I had previously, decided that having another Trustee could be beneficial and could help to bring... Continue reading
On December 24, 2001, I received a letter from Atty Swanson, with a Petition to remove me, and my Mother would step down, as co-trustee. Due to the impending Hearing on the Injunction, against my sister and I, this was the first Christmas that our Family would not be able... Continue reading
Both, Grandmother and Grandaughter had a nice visit, on November 11, 2001. The Price for this, was very expensive for both, due to Grandmother's Son, taking her to Atty Swanson, to draw up a Trespassing Charge, which had to go through the Court System. This was a form of Psychological... Continue reading
On Wednesday, June 20, 2001, I decided that I would drive to my Mother's house and take her to Dialysis. I had not called the day before, as I knew my brother would tell me not to come. First, I stopped at the neighbors house, where the 'manipulator' stayed with... Continue reading
Mothers grandaughter had contacted the State DHS, to get information on the procedure and what we could do to help our Mother, who was being isolated in her own home. She was told that we would have to go to the County DHS, to do this report. My sister and... Continue reading
October 21, 2001, two grandsons drove to their Grandmothers house. They had been very concerned about their Grandmother, knowing that she was being isolated from her daughters and now an Injunction to keep the daughers away. The grandsons, rang the door bell several times, they also called Grandmas phone from... Continue reading
Sept. 23, 2001, when I was visiting my Dad's cousin, who had always been a big part of my parents lives, told me that my brother had brought my Mother to see her. My Mother told her that she was afraid of me (as she mentioned my name). Mable quickly... Continue reading
My brother and the 'manipulator' took my Mother to the 4th Attorney. 'They' had been trying to find a Attorney who would revoke Mothers Trust. Atty Swanson & Firm saw that this lady had lost her husband, of almost 60 yrs, and had money! This Atty joined in the psychological... Continue reading