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The word at the CWS is that the balls are carrying well, and the long ball may be factor in the series. If so, I like the team that led the nation in scoring, and also has some speed in the outfield. (In the event you're unaware, that's The U) Things may change by Saturday, but gorilla ball favors the Canes this year. Glad to be back, 86. With college baseball's post season in full bloom, needed to chat with some of the diamond faithful on the Space. Where r all the baseball spacers these days?
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What's up Diamond Dogs?! Your old pal Mephistopheles checking in for CWS duty. Hard to believe its been 7 long years before the fellas got back to The Blatt, but better late than never. I will confess that I have questioned the wisdom of keeping coach Morris in years past. IMO he got away from what made the Canes go, getting away from the run, run, run mentality of Prior great teams, and allowing our defense to wallow year after year. I will also be the first to commend him on the team he's put together this year. #1 in the RPI says it all, and this team has not only upped the base-running and defense, (that outfield can cover some ground) but brings some pop to a stadium that is normally amenable to the long ball. But does it have enough to get through what IMO is the toughest route to a title in college sports? We damn sure hope so. One thing that bodes well is their "relatively" easy path through the regionals. There are no easy games in college bball anymore, but I remember our draw as the #1 seed in '08. It was brutal. And after a murderous ACC tourney which the Canes won, (I think the ACC had 3 of the top 5, and 5 of the top 10 teams in the nation that year) they were severely challenged in the regional and super, and seemed to simply run out of gas in Omaha. Hopefully this team will be fresh and ready to go come Saturday night, and get the series off with a beat down of the Gators, and ride through the winner's bracket. Unfortunately the rest of our bracket seems rested as well, but maybe Jim's got a little magic left. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had a chance to see the boys for 6 innings yesterday. Their pitcher did a nice job of throwing to contact and keeping the ball down. I only recall 1 strikeout, and they hit the ball solidly, but couldn't find the gaps. The DP's hurt too. This team's kinda hard to figure. The pitching #'s are very good. ERA at 3, opponent's BA .202, SO/BB ratio of 72/25 and only allowed 6 steals. That's strong for college ball regardless of the competition. But they're not getting the key out in the key situations. 10 E's are not helping, but I still like this team defensively. On the flip side, the O is definitely struggling, but we know that Martinez, Melendres and Broad can hit much better so hopefully they'll get hot. Miami's had 27 more baserunners than the opposition, but like the pitchers, not making the key play. They sure look like they miss Palaez-their leading returning hitter, and a reliable hitter in the clutch. All 4 losses were only by a total of 8 runs, so an out here and a hit there could have won 2 or 3 games. I'd like to see more stealing, but at least they've been successful so far-safe 12 in 14 attempts. UF's only had 2 attempts against them so far this year, so maybe Miami's speed will be a tough adjustment. I'm not suggesting the team has looked good so far, but I do think its too early to panic. Six makes some good points about the lack of savvy on the part of the coaches after Morris. But a good performance in G'ville could launch a nice run, 'cause the schedule is manageable all the way up to the trip to UNC in late April. Of course, a sweep to the bad could put the streak in jeopardy. Mephistopheles
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NFL experience is key. Whipple and Shannon were not on the same page. Whipple thought he was more qualified to be HC, and he was probably right. This relationship seems more deferential. Stanford had a lot of NFL experience on their staff and look what they did with slightly above-average talent. You can't fake it in the NFL and get by with superior talent alone. This is a decent hire, and may be exceptional considering the actual choices in the mix. And none of us know who those choices may have been. Compare this staff with the one that began 4 years ago: Shannon-no exp as HC/Golden-5 yrs exp as HC. Walton-no exp as DC/D'Onofrio-5 yrs exp as DC. Nix-no "real" exp as OC/Fisch-OC exp and NFL exp. Defensive staff-green as Ireland/New staff-much exp. *Not to mention that RS did a nice job of recruiting and leaves a much tidier cupboard than he found. Just think about the improvements on the line of scrimmage, running back and receiver. This may not be the sexiest hire, but Miami does not have the $ to go for sexy. This new staff has a shorter journey with vastly more experience, energy, and above all, talent to work with. Not that I/we have any choice, but I'm willing to give them a chance. Begin the countdown to OSU. Mephy
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Meph....good to see U bangin and blogin again. Baseball season isn't too far away. Is there a pre-season blog in ya? Posted by: SOUP | January 04, 2011 at 10:45 PM -------------------------------------------- I'll see what I can do. Shoot me a note w/ ur email address. Meph
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BTW, | January 04, 2011 at 09:03 PM, is also known as Mephistopheles.
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Going into the bowl games, the Canes were #1 in the ACC in total offense and #2 in total defense but still lost 5 games. How? 36 turnovers (27 INT's) 107 penalties, many of those in the red zone 1 billion dropped passes (Happy trails, Aubrey) Soft run Defense Obviously the issue with Miami is coaching, not talent. IMO, the solution is simple: Become Stanford! 1-Discipline! 2-Offensively, commit to the POWER running game. The O line seems poised to become a strength, and we all see the promise of these running backs. If Stanford's backs can chew up VT's D, what can our group do? When the D comes up to match the running game, we go over the top with Streeter. Unstoppable. U cant win if u ask ur QB to get 3rd and long all day. This system works so long as you have the talent and are committed. 3-Switch to a 3-4 scheme on D. Since my daughter began law school at The Farm, (great place to catch a game, BTW) I've been following the Cardinal closely. Last year they were aweful on D. They switched to a new DC and a 3-4 system and you cant believe the improvement. Check and compare the #'s in '09 and '10. The #'s on O were almost identical but the D made an incredible improvement in just one year, and the team went from 8-5 to 12-1. Consider this lineup: Forston/Lewis/Regis/Porter & L. Robinson rotating at D line, along with Vernon/M. Robinson/Smith/Dye, who will also occupy 2 or 3 LB positions. Just think how much bigger this D gets with this system. Instead of going 8-9 deep on a 4 man line w/ our puny LB's, you get that talented group of ends on the field at one time. Who's gonna run on that? And I have to believe that Miami has at least as much talent in the secondary as Stanford. Design some creative blitz packages and develop the safeties and there is no reason Miami cant make a similar improvement. Morris is no Andrew Luck, but that system/mentality with Miami's overall talent is at the very least enough to own the ACC. If Golden just follows the Stanford model, we're back where we should be.
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Jan 4, 2011