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It is so lovely to experience your joy in this exuberant telling! Thanks for sharing!
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The way you fiercely yet compassionately dove into these complexities is admirable, and the timing of this wisdom is exquisite. I am grateful for the insight into discerning growth from unnecessary suffering. I have grappled with this for years. And it has come to a perplexing head just this week.
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Thank you! This is the wisdom I needed this Easter. The images link so much of what I have been exploring in my own healing journey. Hope your Easter blossoms with this depth!
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The new rumor is that the changeover to this new chart begins in 2009. Have you heard of this? Do you know what it's based on? Is it as off-base as the whole idea of this chart in the first place? I'm trying to develop a solid response to people who ask. I know this will become a topic of casual conversation, and I'm need enough information to represent my passion for the Astrological system that I value. Or, if it turns out to have validity, an understanding of how it is shifting. Let me know your experienced thoughts. Thanks!
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Jan 14, 2011