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"Louis Kahn's most important lessons to him was about how to integrate private architectural practice with teaching, creating a culture of mentorship and academic-style studio critique within a profitable architecture-firm." I didn't think that Louis Kahn was known for running a profitable firm? I thought he was deeply in debt when he died.
"Planning" can have many meanings in the context of an Architecture or Engineering firm. Facilities planning, Space planning, Master planning, etc. I worked at a firm that had planning in their title, but we had two Urban Planners on staff at the time.
Martha's Green looks interesting. Were you also involved in Jake's Run with Fletcher Farr Ayotte Architects? That is one of the projects that made me decide to work there. I bike by it all the time. Great example of what spec builders can do when they work with Architects!
"Had the architects bulldozed the original.. " To be clear, Architects don't bulldoze old buildings. They rarely even have much of a say in any decision regarding bulldozing.
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Feb 8, 2011