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Most of our moral judgements are made on a basis of ethnic, religious and chauvinist prejudices and percepts. The same HUMAN SHIELD example is condemned when used by Israeli army but accepted in western movie. BTW HUMAN SHIELD ( and another version called NEIBOUR PROCEDURE when an Arab neighbor is used to announce the person that will arrested instead of a soldier that the suspect may shoot through the door) is a penal military offence under Israeli army code and the culprits may face degradation and years of prison...However HUMAN SHIELD and mostly NEIGHBOR PROCEDURE were used and probably will continue to be used as saving human lives. As a young sergeant in Gaza told us once: Those are opening fire instructions:summation; summation again; summation with gun;try to arrest; summation and shoot in air;never shoot if the suspect don't shoot at you...However if you are in a situation of (type) YOU OR HIM (to be killed), it is always HIM. So the moral dilemma is not an equation, but a conditioned answer.
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Mar 10, 2011