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Michael Zoran
A Writer Writes -- Always!
Interests: I enjoy writing about controversial subjects that people feel enthusiastic enough to share their thoughts. I also enjoy reading comments people leave on my blog. If you take the time to leave a comment that needs a response, I will take the time to write back. If you need to contact me, my email address is: [email protected]
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Cottrellville Township Treasurer Sandra Keais has lived in the City of St. Clair for over 1.5 years! Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2015 at Cottrellville Township
This is an EXCELLENT article! I completely agree the launch lineup of the Xbox One really gives it a BIG advantage over the PS4. Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct are both absolute killer-apps that will cause millions of people to want to buy Xbox One. Compare this to Killzone of the PS4. That game series is one that tends to have a reputation for having nice graphics, but in reality it isn't a killer-app, because it doesn't sell very well. Compare the sales of Killzone to Halo and you see there is no comparison. GDDR5 may sound like an advantage of the DDR3 in terms of RAM. But in reality the Xbox One has eSRAM that is much faster than GDDR5. And the DDR3 significantly outperforms GDDR5 in terms of the way it works with Cloud technology. When games are released that use Cloud in an optimized way, there's no doubt the Xbox One will easily be seen as the superior console with superior graphics. Excellent article!
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2013 on Xbox One Or Playstation 4? at Videogame News
At the March 13, 2013 Cottrellville Township Board Meeting, Trustee Michael Zoran was the one and only Cottrellville Township Board member to vote "No" to what ultimately resulted in a $1,500 pay raise for Cottrellville Township Board members. Clerk Lori Russelburg and Treasurer Sandra Keais will receive a pay raise... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2013 at Cottrellville Township
What do you think? Would our society benefit if sports games and soap operas were interupted in order to show criminals being publicly executed or publicly punished? Would our society benefit from forms of punishment such as a whip-lashing like Johnny Rico received rather than long prison sentences that end up as short prison sentences that are a financial burdent to the government? Please share your thoughts by writing a comment. Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2013 at Controversy
Turn off your Java now - Dangerous vulnerability in latest Java version The latest Java version, Java 7 Update 10 contains a critical security vulnerability which is reportedly already being used for large scale cyberattacks. Users who have Java installed on their computers should deactivate the Java plugin in their... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2013 at Controversy
Mr. Deilus, You are 100% correct. Sometimes people just need to see things with their own eyes before they believe it. Even a guy like me who has seen all the Indiana Jones movies would probably not have the guts to take a life-threating faith-based step off of the land into what appeared to be a trench of doom leading to inevitable death the way that Indiana Jones did in The Last Crusade movie. On the other hand, it's not like taking the word of someone like you (who had done a ton of research and had a lot of evidence to back up what he was saying) was going to cost anybody their life. Also, Harrison Ford wasn't really risking his life! :) Hmmmm...How did I get on this weird response??? I think it was all because you responsibly corrected the word "believe." :) I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, Mr. Deilus. :)
Hi Mr. Deilus, Thank you for your support and encouragment. I would have thanked you sooner, but it has been a long time since I have had the time to look at my blog. I was very pleasantly surprised to see you wrote to me. It means quite a bit to me that you have taken the time to write and say such nice things. Sincerely, Mike
Thank you, Joe. You are nice and you are inspirational to me, too. I've learned that "inspiration" is just as much of a two-way street as "communication." I was inspired each day by all the support I received from Cottrellville Township residents, and it is very nice to know that so many people were inspired when I exposed Tom Raymond, Mary Agnes Simons, Patricia Runyon, and their friends for being the corrupt people they are.
You are welcome, Phil. I fully support Kelly Fiscelli, Dian Courtney, Lori Russelburg, and Gary Eisen in the Republican Primary. I also ask that you know how to spell the names of "Caroline Kay Zoran" and "Carol Marie Gernand" when you go to vote on August 7. Caroline Kay Zoran and Carol Marie Gernand are write-in candidates for Precinct Delegate. Please simply write their names in, and then vote for them.
Mr. Michael Zoran and his camera were able to expose the corruption in Cottrellville Township by contacting Channel 2 and revealing the truth to the public. Tom Raymond, Patricia Runyon, and Mary Agnes Simons are 100% corrupt individuals that have been fully exposed as corrupt people. For the record, Tom... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2012 at District 81
UPDATE: Michael Zoran has Exposed Tom Raymond, Patricia Runyon, and Mary Agnes Simons as the corrupt people they are! Take a look at this Fox 2 Edge TV Broadcast from Reporter Taryn Asher as proof:
Thanks, NerdMan. When people offer support and are kind enough to say so, it means a lot to me. And I completely agree with you regarding the ways Ramsey Digital makes some amazing videos with impressive themes that always grab your attention.
I live in a blight-filled area of Michigan called Cottrellville Township. Over the last five years, Cottrellville Township has turned into an extremely ugly place to live in throughout quite a few areas. No matter where you live in Cottrellville Township, you don't need to look far to find blight.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2012 at Controversy
Cottrellville Township has a severe blight problem! Tom Raymond and the other board members truly have no form of passion to achieve any kind of hope or dream of living in a beautiful and peaceful environment.
Dave R, It seems as though Tom Raymond is quite obsessed with who my "Mentor" is. At this point in time, my mentor is in fact a Legendary Icon to me. To my knowledge, I have not revealed who my "Mentor" is when any current Cottrellville Township employee has been present. When I reveal who my mentor is, those who stand against me shall realize they never had a chance of beating me in the game of life -- because no matter what happens, I have won!
UPDATE: Michael Zoran has Exposed Tom Raymond, Patricia Runyon, and Mary Agnes Simons as the corrupt people they are! Take a look at this Fox 2 Edge TV Broadcast from Reporter Taryn Asher as proof: Further proof is heard here on 102.3 FM: In December of 2011, there... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2012 at District 81
Gears of War: Judgment looks like it is going to be a FANTASTIC game! I am 99.9999999999% sure we will in fact be able to play "as" Adam Fenix in Multiplayer, and he will have some sort of special ability associated with the plotline of his character. But it really does appear that this first game in the new Gears of War trilogy is going to be based on the same ole' crew of characters such as Baird and Cole -- when they were younger. Marcus Fenix will actually be a well-respected soldier in this version of Gears of War, because he will not have gotten into any sort of trouble yet. This makes me wonder if there is going to be a part of the next two Gears of War games where Adam Fenix is the character the plot focuses on. I know there DEFINITELY is plenty of room in the excellent storyline for a game to revolve around Adam Fenix and the Pendulum Wars! What are your thoughts on this?
Epic Games and People Can Fly officially unveiled Gears of War: Judgment during E3 2012, and with the announcement came the first opportunity to not only see the game in action but also take the game’s 5-on-5 competitive multiplayer mode Overrun for a hands-on test drive. Overrun is essentially Gears... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2012 at Videogame News
First, I want to make it clear that I encourage everyone to visit the following website where I wrote the article below. A lot of people are visiting this excellent new forum to talk about gaming: For quite a while I had some inside information about the new Gears... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2012 at Videogame News
Betty, The United States of America is all about teamwork. President Obama did not personally kill Osama Bin Laden all by himself; that honor belongs to the Navy Seals. However, the Navy Seals never would have been able to end the life of that terrorist if President Obama had not aggressively ordered our military to invade Pakistan without the permission of the Pakistani government. Bottom Line: We need to be thanking both President Obama AND the Navy Seals. We also need to be praising the work of both President Obama AND the Navy Seals. If we do not behave in such a way, we are not doing our work as part of the team. True Americans with red/white/blue running through their veins would be thanking and praising everyone involved!
AJ, I have to admit that during the last year, Arnold has done better than I would have ever expected. He has stayed away from the media far more than I thought he would in order to focus on the repairing his marriage. Excellent job Arnold Schwarzennegger! Now make sure not to repeat that mistake!
Perfectly said! I agree with you 100%
Josh, I believe it is this greedy "mentality" of Key Bank that explains why our country is "in the toilet" (although the recovered stock market clearly proves a tidal wave of economic recovery is on the way in the same way that a tsunami causes a delayed-response wave). By scaring customers away and motivating customers to close accounts, Key Bank is hurting themselves. The greedy mentality of a $90 billion company not wanting to give out loans unless there is no risk at all (even is someone dies!) means that Key Bank won't give out loans, which prevents our economy from growing.
Julie, I wonder what your thoughts would be regarding my situation with a student loan. You seem like a philosopher, so let me put my spin on things. I possess a disability with epilepsy. When I decided to take out student loans, it was because I was attending college online. The reason for this is because I cannot drive due to my epileptic disability. The colleges selling their services all said the same things. I was told false promises by all of the college I spoke with. I was told "Don't worry about it that you can't drive; there will be plenty of well-paying online jobs by the time you graduate in the online era of the 21st century we’re living in today." This ended up being 100% false! Was it "poor planning," as Noel said, when I didn't purchase some form of insurance dedicated to false promises made by colleges? There is no public transportation in the small town I live in. Nothing is within walking distance; two of the roads on my block are dirt roads. But if I wanted to lie and simply say "I haven't had a seizure for over a year," I would be allowed to legally drive again. Just one simple lie like that would allow me to drive and work at a well-paying job. The father of one of my friends from high school has epilepsy. This epileptic man also should not be allowed to drive unless he goes at least one year without a seizure of any kind. It is literally illegal for him to drive, because the lives of others on the road are in danger every time he is behind the wheel of an automobile. But this man tells lies to doctors and drives anyways for the sake of his career. I do not do that! I tell the truth, even though my career suffers for it. My student loan accrues interest debt at a rate of nearly $200 per month because I choose to do what is best for the lives of others. Yet those "other" people at the Great Lakes Loans, AES, and Sallie Mae loan companies lied to me and deliberately gave me incorrect advice, despite the fact that I have sacrificed my career in order to protect the lives of others. From my point of view, my career as one individual person is not as important as up to four other lives that could possibly be taken if I were driving an automobile and hit another vehicle carrying four passengers. In 2006 when I obtained by Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Process Management, I contacted those student loan companies in order to take advantage of an option the student loan "CONTRACT" legally allows me to take advantage of. I followed the instructions of others by asking the loan companies for a permanent disability "discharge" to my student loan until I eventually find work. This would allow the interest to stop accruing while I was unemployed. But instead of acknowledging this legal option as something I could take advantage of, the loan companies lied and told me this was not actually possible. The loan companies deliberately lied to me by saying the loan officer I spoke with was wrong. The employees of the loan companies repeatedly said my only option was to take advantage of "deferments," which allow me to avoid making monthly payments, but still allow the greedy loan companies to accrue interest -- whether I pay each month or not! This is NOT fair, and I may in fact start a petition of my own soon! I now know and possess the ability to prove it was 100% legal for me to have taken advantage of the permanent disability "discharge" when I asked for it nearly seven year ago! I am currently in the process of this “discharge” procedure, which proves it exists and proves I was eligible all along. The only difference is that I was scammed for seven years of interest that I should not be responsible to pay! By the way, if any of you appreciate the fact that I do not tell lies in order to drive an automobile, please consider making a contribution to my work on this blog. It costs $15 each month to run a nice blog like this. I receive very few contributions, possibly because I never ask for them. As a result, I will now ask for contributions if my work is appreciated. Thank you for your contributions (just look on the right side of your screen to see where to click).
Julie, I would like to hear your thoughts on the Fair Tax Act in the article I wrote below this. Do you believe it is fair for a billionaire to be taxed less than half of what his hard-working secretary is taxed? The tax laws were created by millionaire politicians who received campaign money from millionaires and billionaires. Millionaire politicians and greedy businessmen don't like it when supreme billionaires such as Warren Buffett fight against them. Millionaires and small-time billionaires don't like it when they are the ones being destroyed by a supreme billionaire fighting for fairness.