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Meredith Resnick, M.Ed, MA
New York City
Meredith Resnick Ed.D, M.Ed & MA i
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Apr 25, 2013
Today is the second anniversary of my dad's death. I am thinking a lot about him, as I always do. My grief, while still palpable and thick, is different now. I smile and laugh often when I think about him and cry far less frequently. In a moment of quiet... Continue reading
We are back from our one week long vacation in Seattle and the surrounding area. It was an amazing time, with lots of happy-happy moments. But I won't lie; I felt some happy-sad moments too. We were visiting and staying with my dad's best buddy Allen and his wife Melanie.... Continue reading
I love this! I really want to give it a try. Great job!
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So, here's the thing: I dreaded last Wednesday, the anniversary of my father's death. I imagined it would be almost unbearably painful. I was quite surprised that the day was a nice one. I distracted myself with work; teaching my normal Wednesday night seminar. As I said to a friend,... Continue reading
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Apr 26, 2012
Today, I set my alarm for a bit earlier than usual. I am not sure exactly why I felt it was necessary to be awake and aware at the exact time my dad died one year ago today, but I did. I was with him, holding his hand as he... Continue reading
We are nearing the first anniversary of my dad's passing and in an attempt to make the month a bit less somber, I am trying to do some good in his honor by raising money for an organization close to his heart... The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation does some amazing... Continue reading
ER was my absolute favorite show. I can honestly say, I have seen EVERY episode. The show has been off the air quite a while now and I haven't really thought about it in almost as long. I was just sitting outside on my porch this eveninh thinking about my... Continue reading
Last week I was able to have lunch and explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my dad's best friend from childhood, Allen. It was a delightful day. We strolled through the museum observing and discussing the art and our lives and of course my dad. It felt like an... Continue reading
For some reason, when my dad died, I gave myself permission to grieve for 1 year and told myself after that , I would have to just keep going. No more sadness. I am not sure where this deadline came from. I invented it. I decided, Meredith, you can't be... Continue reading
When I think about my dad's death, I realize it wasn't just my dad I lost that day, it was so much more. Somehow I think I made it 35 years believing that if I worked hard enough, I could get my way. Certainly, not everything in life has turned... Continue reading
Many months ago I wrote about my decision, if you can call it that, to essentially redefine grief. To see my grief as directly related to the love I shared with my dad. And my brain can do this; I know I am sad today because I miss him and... Continue reading
Meg Hutchinson, one of my favorite singers, is truly a poet. Her words, set to music, have been a great source of comfort for me this year. Although there are so many of her songs where I have discovered solace and company, one of my favorites is entitled "Home" and... Continue reading
Faith is defined by as, "confidence or trust in a person or thing... belief that is not based on proof..." Belief not based on proof is a tough one for me. I have always wanted my beliefs to be verifiable and not open to debate. That is how I... Continue reading
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Jan 15, 2012
When I was a child, my favorite song was It's A Small World After All. Yup, that Disneyworld theme. In fact, for nearly the first six years of my life, I made my mom and dad play it on my ladybug record-player every night, often several times a night, in... Continue reading
It is officially a new year and I for one could not be more delighted. Pretend that says 2012 :) 2011 was a difficult year for me. I watched my father deteriorate in five short months and finally lose his battle with cancer. Let's just say, I am quite ready... Continue reading
Today I feel the now predictable sadness that accompanies all anniversaries that involve my dad. One year ago today, on Christmas Eve, may have been when I first realized that he was in true trouble and had entered into the fight of his life. We spoke this day a year... Continue reading