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Bravo! to young Dyson for his courage and God bless his parents for their Guiedance and unconditional love and support given to their child. It is such a joy to see through a 5yo eyes that he is a princess and what that means to him is just that. If the world is an ugly place then the grown ups made it that way with their own personal "stuff". We often tell children to "be who you are", then when they do, there's a big "but" behind that. hmmm! Are we as adults standing in our own truth in this crazy mixed up world? Out of the mouths of babes comes his reality, in a pink dress. I love it. I think the parents handled this in a very dignified couragous and loving manner with the guidence from child psychologist and most of all listening to their children. I wish them all well.
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Jan 4, 2011