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writer, podcaster, optimist
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That flexibility goes so far! It sounds like you have created a great situation where you do work that is fulfilling but have the flexibility to that your job is not running your life. I love how intentional that is and that you have the awareness of how important it is to you to really enjoy your work. Thank you so much for reading!
Yes so true on the fulfillment changing over time! I think that is so important to be aware of. I really loved my job for quite a while and then found it less fulfilling which felt confusing. But stepping back there were several reasons including not feeling a lot of upward career trajectory, feeling stalled in my earnings plus feeling more fulfilled by podcasting/writing. So many factors! If any of those had been different, or other things like a shorter commute or more flexible work hours I could have stayed happy working outside the home. Thanks for reading!
Chris takes a break from his backyard office to catch up with Maeve and me It's time for another stay-at-home check in and I wonder if this could be my last one, or maybe second to last. Although life is not completely back to "normal" I do feel that we are leaving the season of staying at home behind. The boys are in school, Chris and I are both fully vaccinated, and generally we're feeling less worried about COVID-19 although we are still staying home for the most part. I'm feeling very optimistic that the increasing rate of vaccinations will... Continue reading
Posted 17 hours ago at RISING*SHINING
That really makes sense as it does seem to be my female friends who are affected by clutter but yes argh! that we bear that burden. Super interesting though – thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Amanda! :) OK, another DivaCup recommendation - thank you!
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Thanks, Gina!
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Thanks, Meghan! A few people have recommended period underwear and I'm intrigued. I really had written them off, it just seemed like such a weird product, but so many friends and internet friends recommend them!
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Thanks, Amanda!
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Thanks so much, Jessica! ToDoist is so handy. I feel like I'm still a very newbie user but I will put a post about it on my list of posts to write!
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Thank you so much, Diana!
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Thank you so much, Kristin :) And happy birthday to your girl, too. So many emotions.
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Thank you, Julie!
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Heading back to Orange Theory this week and I'm so excited!
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The right childcare situation is so important! It does seem like adding a third kid and with two working parents could be a tipping point where a babysitter or nanny can really makes sense financially and then goes so far helping logistically. I'm so glad you've found a solution that is working for your family!
A question I'm often asked is how the transition has been from being a full-time working mom to being an at-home parent. As I started to write this post I realized I have a lot to say. I thought about breaking this up into a few posts but instead I'm going to leave it as one giant post so all my thoughts are in one spot. I'll touch on why I quit my full-time job as a science writer three years ago, how my days go now, my thoughts on finding my value and identity after being a full-time working... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at RISING*SHINING
In honor of Dashiell's eighth birthday today I'm re-sharing the story of his birth here and as an episode of my RISING*SHINING audioblog. I had not revisited the full story of Dash's birth in some time and I love being reminded of when we first met. Happy, happy eighth birthday to my radiant boy. I'm so excited to celebrate him today. The morning of April 9th was crisp and grey and the air felt fresh; a perfect spring morning. When Chris and I took a walk that morning with Drew I said, “This would be a great day to have... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at RISING*SHINING
We're big fans of personal policies and the boundaries they bring with them. We share the personal policies in our lives for things we always and never do plus the policies we're trying to adopt. Mentioned on the show: YouTube cleaning videos The Lazy Genius Invisibobble hair ties Connect with... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Girl Next Door Podcast
Planning and organization are dear to my heart. I like talking about my own systems and I like hearing about other people's. If you feel the same then I have two fun things for you: this post, which is all about my current calendaring system, and this week's episode of the planning podcast Best Laid Plans featuring yours truly. I've followed Best Laid Plans host Sarah Hart-Unger for years on her Best of Both Worlds podcast with Laura Vanderkam and on her blog, The SHU Box. She launched Best Laid Plans in July of 2020. In the episode this week,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2021 at RISING*SHINING
Happy FIRST birthday to our Maeve! We met her one year ago today. After waiting and waiting ten days past her due date, Maeve arrived in a speedy but peaceful birth. Outside the birth center a global pandemic was gripping the world but I felt cocooned in love and calm that morning. The first thing I said when Maeve was in my arms was, "It's really a girl!" After she was born Maeve was quiet and alert and she started up at me for a long time. Born at 9 a.m., we were home with her by 1 p.m. Now... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2021 at RISING*SHINING
Hi Kristen - shoot I can't remember but let me text our painter to ask what he remembers!
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Along with the return of perfect spring weather, I have felt my happiness and optimism bubble back lately. I haven't felt unhappy these past many months but I often did not feel like my best self. And it's no wonder! There was the general anxiety of living in a pandemic plus interrupted sleep, little time to myself, and parenting through being at home and online school. I'm happy to say that significant progress has been made on all fronts! I'm hopeful that we are emerging from the pandemic, Maeve is sleeping so much better, I've been energized to make time... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2021 at RISING*SHINING
Thanks, Bonnie!
Thanks so much, Anne!
I'm excited to share the launch of a month-long creative project, the RISING*SHINING audioblog! During the month of April I will be releasing all blog posts in two formats: written and in podcast form in which they will be read aloud by me. In addition to new content I'm also going to experiment with releasing older blog posts as new episodes as a way to refresh older content and to give listeners more episodes. To hear the audioblog you'll be able to listen in two ways: use the embedded player at the top of the post or subscribe to the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2021 at RISING*SHINING