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I was not clear that my post was, in deference to your rules of posting comments, just a summary of the full note. Greta said "The ultimate solution is to disconnect the two pieces entirely, and disconnect a religious wedding from the civil law aspects of marriage..." That is exactly what I hoped to convey. The Christian stance is that the term "Marriage" is theirs and not usable by any other. I say that it cannot be attached to a legal document. I do not dispute that all religions have a right to perform what marriages they will, defined as they will. I do have a problem with them being recognized by any civil authority or given special rights. Greta"Marriage was a civil arrangement long before it became a religious rite..." The word marriage is as much a modern word as is homosexual. Neither existed before English. In the bible the closest we come to LGBT is "eunuch by nature" or "born eunuch," but that doesn't mean there were no homosexuals. This is not about what was practiced in the past, nor meant by the original framers. It is about where we go from here, and whether we can in any way compromise with a section of society that will not face reality and embrace an inclusive morality. I think our best bet to solve the problem is to abandon the religiously guarded semantics and choose a new name for a civil contract. It may seem to be a surrender, but I view it as a censure of the religious. Their insistence on a term means that term cannot be legally recognized. No marriage will be legally protected. Leave them the word but deprive it of substance, let them keep their invisible ownership of nothing.
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MARRIAGE God's Rite or Civil Right Covenant or Contract Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Initiation, Clergy Investiture, Extreme Unction, and Funeral Rites. These are the provenance of GOD. The Church demands that government not legislate the definition of sacraments. Religion has good reason to be selfish of its prerogatives. The Church has only the Grace of God and the Will of the Law to protect it. We must protect the sanctity of marriage. Sanctity means sacred, blessed, set apart, hallowed. Marriage can stay a sacrosanct covenant only when it is set apart from the law. NO Right to Sacred Marriage. NO Rite of Legal Marriage.
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Jan 16, 2011