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I don't know if Mike Campbell was born in Australia but he is no citizen of Zimbabwe. He came to Rhodesia in 1974 as a South African army captain. He is not the filmmaker's father-in-law but Ben Freeth's father-in-law, Ben is British and came to run one of the commercial farms of the estate. Neither of them is a farmer nor have been farming in Rhodesia since the late 1960s. They have 500 farmers working for them mainly to export fruits to the UK via South Africa. Campbell is fighting Zimbabwe's land reform policy of redistributing properties from foreigners who acquired large estate during colonialism or, like Mike Campbell, when Rhodesia was ruled by a white supremacist regime. I suggest you get your facts right before to review this version of Ben Freeth's attempt of telling his story on youtube. Ben is no filmmaker and yet the filmmakers of this "documentary" have just copied what Ben filmed earlier. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 25, 2011