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After 2 editions, Mark, here's what I say. Is this a newspaper or a magazine? If it's a mag, I'm not interested. If it's a newspaper, I need more. I know the techies are mad that the "thing' is not updated constantly thru the day. As a news maven, I need more. If this is supposed to be the only thing I read each day, I feel as though i have no idea what happened yesterday-- in Washington, and virtually anyplace else. In sports, I want ALL the results from last night---all sports. The graphics are great, but the stories are more feature oriented. That's why I don't read Time and Newsweek. If you have checked out The Times (London) and The Sunday Times, with those editions when you finish, you have been greatly informed and get more than your daily requirement of news, info and features. I was hoping The Daily model would steal a bit more from those two other paid Murdoch sites. I hope some changes are made, The Daily has potential......but it must ask itself if it can do more. Otherwise, it's not a "must-read."
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Feb 3, 2011