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@ piero: I agree with you that we need to "grow up" and take responsibility for our health. But that's the same thing that Greta's saying in her article. Part of that "growing up" means being aware of all of the obstacles between you and good health. No, we are not excused from responsibility, but neither are the corporations or the government which actively make it harder for us to get access to healthy food. As Greta pointed out, they're doing this using OUR money. That means we have the right to reclaim ownership of American food policy, from cultivation to processing to distribution.Some major differences between smoking and obesity: Not smoking is way cheaper than smoking. Healthy food, on the other hand, is expensive (sometimes difficult just to find) and in this economy that can be a dealbreaker. Everyone now knows that cigarettes are simply unhealthy. But with food, there's still a ton of misinformation out there, even flat-out lies. You're right that when it comes to good health, the choice is with the individual. But that choice boils down to more than just willpower. It also requires accurate information -- which is exactly what Greta's article is all about.
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Feb 10, 2011