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Living AND PROTESTING in the Capitol in Madison, WI
Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Right now, just living to protest. Solidarity!
Interests: Economics, workers' rights, education, ping pong, sushi.
Recent Activity
Tubbs has given his word that Capitol will be completety open at eight tomorrow if he can get the building cleared tonight. Seems as the we are going to give him a chance on his word. If he breaks his promise, sleepover tomorrow night at the capitol. Continue reading
Rep Hulsey just gave a quick speech to the rotunda. He urged us to continue protesting amd to start recall efforts. He also made a crack about getting to soeak about the bill for the first time in assembly today. When he started to thank us one more time, he... Continue reading
Yesterday, when defending his goal to eliminate milwaukee teachers residency requirement, Scott Walker showed concern about the fact that Milwaukee (along with mamy other districts) is having trouble attracting and retaining teachers. How dare you sir. Shame on you for pretending to care about the children of our state. Bald... Continue reading
Republican reps just got a huge dose of shame. Shame! Shame! Recall! Recall! Anyone coming to the capitol this weekend, bring signs. They seem to be letting them in and we have a lot of signs to replace. Continue reading
Since his lordship has turned the speakers off in the capitol. Everyone lucky enough to get in the palace has peacefully assembled outside the assembly in the west wing. 'kill the bill! Kill the bill!' Continue reading
It's comfirmed. The "debate" that is taking place right now is not being piped in through the capitol speakers like it had been in the past. Even with the small number of people being let in, they don't want us to hear whats going on in what used to be... Continue reading
King Walker is only allowing a precious few into his palace. This is a direct violation of a court order. 'Ol Walker continues to show a complete lack of consideration for our laws, our constitution, and our court system. For these treasonous acts against our great state, I have no... Continue reading
Sorry it's been so long. I've been very sick. Anything happen while I was gone? Didn't we get a court order to keep our house open? Looks like it's Scottie's police state palace again... And I might have to sleep outside. Continue reading
We have to come back every day whether it be inside or outside to show Governor Walker, our senators, our state, and our country that our voices will be heard! See you in Madison! Continue reading
The whole order has to be written up tomorrow and orders can only go into effect on weekdays. We are discussing options and ramifications. Continue reading
Wisconsin is NOT for SALE! Peg Lautenschlauter is here (our lawyer, former atty general). SHOWERS! SHOWERS! SHOWERS! SHOWERS! Thanks to everyone in Walkerville for supporting the cause! Continue reading
We are waiting to see both the court order for us to leave and court order for the building to be re-opened at 8 tomorrow before we will leave the capitol. It actually feels like we are getting somewhere. Movement has been made. Continue reading
If he doesn't let us in a 8 Monday morning, Walker will be help in contempt of court. Can't confirm if that is an impeacheable offense. We will leave peacefully together. If Walker breaks law, we will peacefully resist. We have a moral and constitutional authority. We will not give... Continue reading
It pretty ugly right now. This is what happens when you lie to the people Continue reading
Its extremely volatile in here right now. Rep husley is going to speak now. He just said we have to leave. People are mad, they dont trust that it will be opened back up tomorrow Continue reading
All hell just broke loose. A huge mass of protesters just got in somehow but are being blocked by a wall of cops, so insiders on one sude of the cops in a corridor and outsiders on the other side. But we are all in our house! I see a... Continue reading
4:30pm: Closing arguments are being made in the hearing. We'll soon have the judges decision. The insiders are protesting inside the rotunda right now, live on ustream. Continue reading
3:50pm: I can't wait to read the transcript for this hearing. Lots of funny stuff. One highlight. 911 was called due to broken elevator, a police stuck inside. Firefighters called to scene, stopped by security, aren't able to get inside for over 15 minutes!!! Continue reading
Fox news showed a clip of "protestors" and expected followers to draw the conclusion that they were in Madison, WI. The only problem was that it was March 2, 2011. We have no palm trees here! Continue reading
we are singing songs of freedom... Continue reading
Thank you Chris, assume its the same Chris who also wrote a very nice letter? Your letter was read to the whole group and I remembered you from my blog. Thank you for the goodies and the support! We miss you guys. Much love... Continue reading
protesters outside with at least a dozen inflatable palm trees! Continue reading
9:37am: The zamboni just washed the rotunda floor as it does every morning at 9:30. Then we organized a cleaning party in which all of us walked around tidying up just in case we have company today. Following that, drum circle. No coffee, but pepsi is making for a fine... Continue reading