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Sam S
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Hiring QUALIFIED examiners would make me happy. Dealing with the examiner Sharon Polk was a total nightmare. With my power cable patent (6559556) she could not understand how a plug and receptacle differed. She kept saying "they're the same thing". I actually took a trip to the patent office and sat at her desk and asked her if she needed a lesson in "The "Birds and the Bees" to help her understand the difference between plugs and receptacles. I ended up sitting with her supervisor- Brian Sircus who was VERY helpful. He told me that she was incompetent but there was nothing he could do about it. Demographics, it seems, drives hiring at USPTO not Competence. Happy ending though- my patent was granted, then licensed to a government contractor and ultimately sold to them. I imagine Sharon is still clueless and tormenting people more innovative than herself.
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Mar 8, 2011