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No disrespect to any of you guys, but this entire situation is pathetic. If energy was put in solving social problems, this world would be a better place. It is similar to people who place a person writing a bad check to buy a meal into the same category as murderers, rapists, and molesters. Should the C be put into the same category Madoff, Enron, or Wall Street? There is too much emotion for nothing. People speak because they assume people will be impressed. The entire situation is confusing because he said, this happened, and that could have been prevented. The domain industry wants attention because it has little backbone to stand on. The truth is domaining is nothing without an end-user. I assure you that another cheap domainer will not make pathetic offers for domains. Most of you sound like a bunch of car sales people talking about their uninteresting lives. LS Morgan goes around preaching the gospel of domains. You remain anonymous. You think you're writing creative posts, but you have no credibility yourself. You say you have a life beyond domains, but you seem to be commenting at all hours of the day. Hypocrite. is available for registration. People are treating this guy as if he gave up top secret files. There's no emotion in real news because people are too focused on policing minor infractions. It's acceptable for credit card companies and businesses you deal with each day to sell your private information. Surely enough, you receive calls from solicitors. The type of comments allowed on this blog is more severe than the infraction. It's a Salem witch hunt to cast out a person who makes one mistake. Who cares if the chef lacks integrity. Is domaining supposed to be an honest business? Any person who makes a sale is deceiving the end-user of the real value. On this blog, there are minor people trying to tell an entire company how to operate. You should use your voice to improve public policy. Honestly, this situation sounds like an episode of Pretty Little Liars. It's all about who knows, says, and does what. The same posters show they lack respect. You're all making vulgar comments toward a person for a minor situation - judging this person's character on one incident. Did he hijack all your domains and sell them? Did he give out information that caused another to be physically harmed? (cyberstalking cases). It's like a congregation or a church telling people how to think and act. The article and the comments demonstrate that domaining, domain investing, and the domain industry is a joke. Nonetheless, this is a quality blog with usual information. However, the domainers who comment here are the same that attempt to belittle others on most blogs. The most successful domain investors don't need to comment on blogs or return e-mails to remain successful. is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 16, 2011