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The monitor seems like a good idea if you need to have a second monitor when you might be on a plane (that is if there is an extra food tray to your disposal). Otherwise, I don't see a big need for it. Garrett Gwiazda Webmaster/Account Manager
I recently saw the Galaxy tab in Best Buy last week and I was a bit impressed. When the iPad had come out, I was pretty skeptical on the whole idea. I could see it's perks with some things, but not as an everyday kind of utility. I still don't see myself buying a pad/tab anytime soon. But I guess we'll see what technology has in store for us. I still prefer building my own computer and having no issues due to slow processing, lack of ram, etc. Garrett Webmaster/Account Manager
I think the docking station is a good idea, but I just don't think the technology quite exists to let the power of a phone function as a laptop. It's hard enough for my smartphone to last one day without charging and it has an 800mhz processor in it. We'd have to start putting in dual core atoms or something on that range for me to consider using a product like this. Garrett Gwiazda Webmaster/Account Manager is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 18, 2011